“WIND BREAKER”, a manga currently serialized in “Magazine Pocket”, will be adapted into a TV anime. The production will be handled by CloverWorks, which has been in charge of “SPY×FAMILY” and others. Along with the announcement, the teaser visual, featuring the protagonist Sakura Haruka, has been unveiled, and the teaser website has also been built.

“WIND BREAKER” is a manga about bad boys written by Nii Satoru and serialized in “Magazine Pocket”.
The students in Furin High School are extremely bad at studying but good at fighting. Sakura Haruka, a freshman in high school, came to be the top in the school, and realized that the school had become a group to protect the city named “Bofurin”. The story depicts his battling to protect the city as a member.

The TV anime will be produced by CloverWorks, which is known for “SPY×FAMILY” and other famous works. The teaser visual features the protagosist Sakura Haruka. Please keep your expectations high for how the legend of fighting heroes, Sakura, a bad high school boy, will be woven as a story.

In 2021, the PV to commemorate the release of the 4th volume was shown, where Uchida Yuma played Sakura Haruka, Nakamura Yuichi played Umemiya Hajime, a reliable leading member of Bofurin, Uchiyama Koki played Sugishita Kyotaro, a baddest boy who respects Umemiya, and Shimazaki Nobunaga played Suou Hayato, a mysterious boy who is both kind and cold-hearted.
The cast members have not been announced yet for the TV anime “WIND BREAKER”, so please stay tuned for further annoucement.

(C) Nii Satoru, Kodansha / WIND BREAKER Project