It was revealed that the voice actress Uchida Maaya will appear as a guest in the serialized drama “Keishichou Sousa Ichikachou 2020”, which is affiliated with TV Asahi.
This will be Uchida's first time appearing in a detective drama and she will be playing the role of the “first witness” in episode 6 (broadcast date: May 14). We have received comments such as “As this is a rare opportunity for me, I hope everyone can enjoy it!”, and “Do look at my surprised face!”

“Keishichou Sousa Ichikachou 2020” is a detective drama that depicts the passionate struggle of Oiwa Junichi (acted by Naitou Takashi), the leader of the first investigation division, which he “formed”, and the investigators.
Shaku Yumiko will join the main cast in episode 6, which is about an unsolvable accident that happened in a local campsite.

The role Oita Rika, that Uchida is playing as, is a staff member at the campsite who found the dead body of a “guy in suits”, which is unnatural in that place. Based on Rika testimony, before the victim death, she saw him fighting with a male guest and it was revealed that the companion of that male guest is Kumaki Takayo (acted by Shaku), the wife of an inspector who was killed during his duty last year. This has caused an unexpected development to this case.

Uchida Maaya is a voice actor famous for her role as Takanashi Rikka from “Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions!”, Kanzaki Ranka from “The iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls”, and Norman from “The Promised Neverland”, and also acting as herself in the live action movie “Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku”. Despite being involved in various media, this is her first time appearing in a detective drama.
Do pay attention to her passionate acting as a key person of the story and as an optimistic campsite staff member who loves outdoor activities.

“Keishichou Sousa Ichikachou 2020” episode 6, featuring Uchida Maaya as a guest, will air on TV Asahi 24 affiliated channels at 8:00 pm from May 14, 2020.

<Full commentary is below>
【Uchida Maaya as Oita Rika】

――As this is your first time appearing in a serious detective drama, how did you feel when you first received the offer?

I was surprised as I didn't expect to receive an offer to appear in a detective drama, which make me think “Am I suitable?”. However, I will take on this challenge as someone will be happy about it. I am waiting for the broadcast now!

――As the first witness and the campsite staff member, Oita Rika, what did you pay attention for this role?

I thought that I had to act naturally so I wouldn't look out of place. I kept in mind that I would have a scary face if I thought too much on the arrangement! So, I acted in a way that makes the workplace look fun and bright.

――There was a difficult scene where you give out a cry after spotting the dead body, do tell us the events during the shooting for that!

It was really a difficult scene because after adjusting my emotion steadily, I ended up shouting “Kyaa!” in the end during that scene! I wasn't able to do it well, so there were a lot of retakes for it. It was like a different world as I have to remember the movement, camera position along with the lines, but it was quite fun and I notice that there is still a long way for me as there are various types of plays out there.

――What is your thought while performing along with veteran actors such as Kaneda Akio-san, Saitou Yuki-san, and Shaku Yumiko-san?

They're so cheerful and I was happy to exchange some words with them at the workplace . Once the camera started rolling, I was glad to be able to enter the world of “Sousa Ichikachou”!

――Please give a message to the audience!

As this is a rare opportunity for me, I hope everyone can enjoy it! Do look forward to Oita Rika working at the campsite and her surprised face!”

Thursday Mystery “Keishichou Sousa Ichikachou 2020”
【Online】TV Asahi 24 Affiliated Channels
<Episode 6> May 14 (Thursday) 8:00 PM ~ 8:54 PM