The voice actress Ogura Yui, who is known for her roles as Kagayaki Homare/Cure Étoile in “HUGtto! Pretty Cure” and is also active as an artist, opened her personal Twitter account and YouTube channel on May 9.
On Twitter, she stated that she will post about her daily life and make videos on her Youtube channel, while on Youtube she has already uploaded an “ASMR”, which is a kind of video she likes. Her contents, which show a big part of her private life, are gaining a lot of attention both on Twitter and Youtube, where the first video has already reached a high number of views.

Although she used to have an official account on Twitter and YouTube to report her activities as a voice actor and artist for some time, this is the first time she has made a personal account.

On Twitter, she first posted, “Today, I created my personal Twitter account along with a Youtube channel. (^-^) I will be posting about my daily life and upload videos on the Youtube channel. I'll continue to keep you informed about everything related to my job on the official Twitter account!”. She also added, “I'm so excited to start tweeting about my personal life! I'm looking forward to it”.

Instantly, she received many comments from the fans who are already enjoying her initiative on Twitter; “Congratulations on your new Twitter account, Yui-chan”, “Now that we can't meet each other, I'm really happy about your opening”, “Looking forward to reading many of your carefree tweets”. Ogura-san also replied to that excitement by saying, “It will show my real and personal life! This is gonna be fun!”, “I'm getting a lot of great followers… Thank you, everyone ('▽`)”, etc.

On the other hand, she left a comment about her new YouTube channel “YUI OGURA Ogura Yui ASMR/Beauty”; “I will be posting contents about my favorite ASMR, beauty treatments, and cosmetics”. The first “ASMR” video, which features the sound of eating vegetable sticks and tonkatsu (pork cutlet), has been posted.