In NHK E-Tele's variety of information programs for junior and senior high school students, the program “Numa ni hamatte kiite mita,” will feature a special issue of “Teen Pop Culture” in April. The invited guest is a voice actor Morita Seiichi, who plays the protagonists in the animated versions, to explore the appeal of the “Kingdom”.

This time, the theme is the “Kingdom'', a huge hit, the original comic of which exceeded 64 million copies, a live-action movie had been released in 2019, and the third season of TV anime series starts from April 2020.
In the studio, we invited voice actor Morita and high school students, who won the “Kingdom” Knowledge King final battle, and together in-depth analyzed the appealing of the charm in “Numa Hama” style: “You will love ally and enemies”, “Crying, touching, frustrating… it's changing your heart!”

“Numa ni hamatte kiite mita” is being broadcast on NHK E-Tele every week from Mon. to Wed., from 18:55 to 19:25 (live broadcast every Mon.). “Kingdom Numa” will be broadcast on April 13th.

[Performers] MC: Takahashi Shigeo (Savannah), Sakurai Hinako
Guest: Voice actor Morita Seiichi