From the TV anime “Kingdom” (starting from Apr. 5, 2020), the main teaser video which depicts the fierce battles between the Qin Kingdom and the coalition troops has been released. In addition, it has also been announced that BiSH will sing the opening theme song, and waterweed will sing the ending theme song, and the comment from each artist has arrived.

The original work of “Kingdom” is a manga by Hara Yasuhisa which depicts the age of the warlords in China and is currently being serialized in “Weekly Young Jump”. The manga is set in the Spring and the Autumn of the Warring Periods of China, and it depicts the activities of Shin, who wants to become the greatest warlord and young Ei Sei, who later becomes Qin Shi Huang.
On the 3rd TV series which will start from Apr. 5, the biggest battle of the series called “The Coalition Troops Arc” begins. It depicts the Qin Kingdom fighting the fierce coalition troops who are heading toward Xianyang, the capital of the Qin Kingdom.

The main promotion video released this time shows a part of the battle between the Qin and the coalition troops, and Qin Kingdom will experience the unprecedented threat because of the coalition troops after suffering a guerrilla attacks of Chu army. The battles of the unique warlords from the both sides are drawn in a large scale, and it implicates that this battle is the biggest battle among the all wars in “Kingdom”.

Li Mu (CV: Morikawa Tomoyuki), the genius strategist of Zhao who tries to stop the unification of China, and Ei Sei, who fights back with the full force to protect his nation, also appear in the promotion video. Their determination and thoughts can be felt from the video, and the expectations are steadily increasing toward the broadcast of anime.

In addition to the release of the promotion video, it has also been announced that “the punk band with no musical instruments” BiSH will sing the opening theme song, and the roddick hardcore band, waterweed, will sing the ending theme song. This ending theme song, “Deep Inside”, is the 1st time for waterweed to perform for a TV anime. Also, “TOMORROW”, the opening theme song by BiSH, can be heard from the main promotion video.

TV anime “Kingdom” will be broadcast from Apr. 6, 2020 on 0:15 am on NHK General.

(C) Hara Yasuhisa/Shueisha・Kingdom Production Committee