It has been determined that the long-awaited sequel to “TIGER & BUNNY” will be broadcast in 2022 under the title “TIGER & BUNNY 2”. At the same time, a new visual of Kaburagi T. Kotetsu (CV. Hirata Hiroaki) and Barnaby Brooks Jr. (CV. Morita Masakazu) has also been released.

“TIGER & BUNNY” is an original hero action anime whose character and hero design done by manga artist Katsura Masakazu. The setting goes each hero is sponsored by a company, and the heroes featuring “real-life company” logos that appeared in the anime attracted attention.
While it has developed a TV series of a total of 25 episodes from Apr. to Sep. 2011, the first movie, “The Movie TIGER & BUNNY -The Beginning-” in Sep. 2012, and the second movie, “The Movie TIGER & BUNNY -The Rising-” in Feb. 2014, a completely new story “after” the second movie will be depicted in the long-awaited new series.

Also, in addition to the staff members: Nishida Masafumi for the series composition; and Katsura Masakazu for character and hero design, who had been involved in all the series up to now as a team, Director Kase Atsuko will join the team.

Furthermore, in 2021 when 10 years will have passed since the previous TV series, it is said that the “TIGER & BUNNY” project will get more exciting as the “10th Anniversary Year”. Follow news of future developments!

“TIGER & BUNNY 2” will be broadcast in 2022.