Scene photos of the voice actor Kaji Yuuki, who plays the protagonist in WOWOW's original drama “Pipuru~A Marriage Life with AI has begun~” (starting date: Mar. 18, 2020), were released for the first time.
Also, the character designs for avatars appearing in the drama will be directed by Tanaka Masayoshi, who is known for “Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day” and “Your Name”, and his comments have arrived.

“Pipuru~A Marriage Life with AI has begun~” is the sci-fi human comedy manga by Harada Mariru as an original, and the story is set in 2030 where humans and AIs can get married.
The interactions between the unique characters including Kaburagi Kenichi, a businessman who decides to marry an AI in human shape, his wife and AI called “Pipuru”, and Miyama Kaede, the AI researcher who has invented “Pipuru” will propose a problem, “how should AIs and humans coexist”.

The scene photos revealed this time all comes from the 1st episode.
The delicate drama can be seen in a scene where Kaburagi boots up human-shaped AI “Pipuru”, the solo photos of each 3 main casts, together with the scenes of Kaburagi attempts to kiss “Pipuru”, and Kaburagi running down Kamogawa in Kyoto with a bicycle.
The passionate acting on the scenes from the manga by the cast members, including Kaji, who plays the protagonist Kaburagi right before becoming 30's, raises expectations.

Kaburagi works as a businessperson to sell medical equipment, while also working as a web radio program personality, and the avatar is displayed during his online radio program.
Takana has also drawn the cover illustration for the original novel “Pipuru”, and therefore he received such an offer. The character design by a super popular designer is another point to see in this work.

WOWOW original drama “Pipuru~The Marriage Life with AI has begun~” will be broadcast in WOWOW Prime from Mar. 18, 2020.
The first 2 episodes will be broadcast in a row, and episode 1 will be broadcast for free.

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