New items featuring Koguma and other characters from the TV anime “Super Cub”, “Milk Caramel” and “Printed Cookie” have been released. These items are available in Hokuto, Yamanashi, which the work is set in.

The lid of “Milk Caramel” features a scene, where the protagonist Koguma is carrying out maintenance of her cherished Super Cub 50. The side of the package box features the anime scenes, including the scene of Koguma and her classmate Reiko having lunch with their Super Cub 50 and Honda MD90, the touring scene of the final episode where the characters go to see cherry blossoms from Yamanashi to Kagoshima, etc.

“Printed Cookie” features the main key visual of the anime, and Koguma, Reiko, and Eniwa Shii in their uniforms. Each cookie has a design of the anime logo or a character printed on.

“Milk Caramel” with 10 pieces is priced at 432 JPY (incl. tax) and “Printed Cookie” with 6 pieces is priced at 432 JPY (incl. tax). These items are available in various places in Yamanashi, centering around Hokuto City, which the stories are set in.

“Super Cub” New Item
Milk Caramel (10 pieces): 432 JPY (incl. tax)
Printed Cookie (6 pieces): 432 JPY (incl. tax)

-Package Dimension-
Milk Caramel: approx. 10cm in diameter
Printed Cookie: approx. H10.5×W10.5×D4cm

-Sales Places-
(*The items may be sold out at some places.)
■Supermarket Ono – 2157-1 Mifuki Mukawacho, Hokuto, Yamanashi
■Oishii Gakkou – 3058 Shimotsugane Sutamacho, Hokuto, Yamanashi
■Road Station Hakushu – 1308 Shirasu Hakushucho, Hokuto, Yamanashi
■Makiba Restaurant 8240-1 Nishiide Oizumicho, Hokuto, Yamanashi
■Seisen-Ryo – 3545 Kiyosato Takanecho, Hokuto, Yamanashi
■Road Station South Kiyosato – 760 Nagasawa Takanecho, Hokuto, Yamanashi
■Kai Oizumi Onsen Panorama No Yu – 8240-1 Nishiide Oizumicho, Hokuto, Yamanashi
■Spatio Kobuchisawa – 2968-1 Kobuchisawacho, Hokuto, Yamanashi
■Oishii Ichiba – 2323 Wakamiko Sutamacho, Hokuto, Yamanashi
■Mukawacho Farmers Market – 682-2 Maginohara Mukawacho, Hokuto, Yamanashi
■Ginga no Eki Nirasaki – 1795 Nakajo Nakadamachi, Nirasaki, Yamanashi
■Takane no Yu – 95 Minowashinmachi Takanecho, Hokuto, Yamanashi
■Chuo Expressway “Futaba Service Area (Outbound)” – 2630 Ryuji, Kai, Yamanashi
■Patisserie Shugetsu – 2143-31 Mifuki Mukawacho, Hokuto, Yamanashi
■Cafe Rosso – 1-13 Kugawa, Kofu, Yamanashi (in front of Yamanashi Prefectural Museum of Art)

(C)Tone Koken, hiro / Bear Motors