A collaboration illustration between the TV anime “Dorohedoro” and “Zombie Land Saga” has been announced. The project celebrates the third episode related to zombies, which is scheduled to be broadcast on Jan. 26.

Dorohedoro is originally a dark fantasy manga by Q Hayashida serialized in various magazines, included “Get the Sun”, for 18 years. The story revolves around an amnesiac man named Caiman, whose head has been turned into a lizard by a curse. He searches for the sorcerer responsible for what happened to him, in order to regain his head and lost memories.

“Zombie Land Saga” is an original TV anime broadcast in 2018. The story revolves around a group of girls who are brought back as zombies, and put together an idol group known as Franchouchou in Saga Prefecture, Japan.
Both animes “Dorohedoro”, and “Zombie Land Saga” are produced by the same animation studio, MAPPA.

The third episode of “Dorohedoro”, “Shisha no Yoru-Kettou! Chuuou Depaato Mae-“(Decisive Battle on the Night of the Living Dead! Before the Departure from the Centre) is an episode related to the Day of the Dead, where the dead is brought back to life as a zombie.
To commemorate the anime adaptation of the popular episodes from the original work, a new visual has been created with the collaboration of “Zombie Land Saga”. It is a chaotic image that shows the members of Franchouchou attacking Caiman and the others.

In addition to the exciting phrase “Don't stop, kill them!”, there is a note saying “The illustration contains zombies that do not appear in the main story”. The image also includes a sense of style and playfulness.
After broadcasting episode 3, a campaign is scheduled to be held. Details are not disclosed yet, but you can check the upcoming news at the official website and official Twitter account (@dorohedoro_PR).

TV anime “Dorohedoro” broadcasting!
TOKYO MX, BS11 Every Sunday from 12 am.
MBS Every Tuesday from 3 am.
Pre-streaming on Netflix on Jan. 25.

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