A collaboration poster and video featuring 「Zombie Land Saga」 and Hollywood Movie 「Zombieland: Double Tap」 has been released. In addition, the Hollywood debut (?) of the members of FranChouChou, via their appearance in the 「Zombieland: Double Tap」 collaboration video, was also revealed.

「Zombie Land Saga」 is a new anime that was broadcast from Oct. ~ Dec. 2018, and explores the theme of “legendary zombie girls becoming idols and saving the Shiga Prefecture”. This popular work received awards such as the 「2018 Anime General Election Award」and 「Anime Production Award (TV Anime Division)」.

On the other hand, 「Zombieland: Double Tap」 is a colorful and fun tale of a rampant virus epidemic that is turning all of humanity into zombies. This sequel comes 10 years after the release of 「Zombieland」, and follows the cooperation and betrayals of the four protagonists as they fight to survive.

A collaboration poster and video has been released to commemorate 「Zombieland」’s representation of the Japanese and Americans in the movie.

The collaboration poster features the four protagonists of 「Zombieland」 being approached from behind by the zombie members of “FranChouChou”. For some reason, the police headquarters of Shiga Prefecture also appears in the picture, making one think “Where on earth is this?”.
Furthermore, the collaboration video begins with “FranChouChou” producer Tatsumikou Tarou proclaiming, “This is our Hollywood Debut!” while bringing in the work for the zombie voices in the Japanese dub of the movie 『Zombieland: Double Tap』. It appears that not all the members have a role…so who exactly is making their Hollywood debut?

『Zombieland: Double Tap』 will be released on Nov. 22, 2019. Additionally, the 「『Zombieland: Double Tap』 Movie × 『Zombie Land Saga』 TV Anime ー Who Made Their Hollywood Debut!? Super Difficult Quiz Campaign」 will be conducted in commemoration of this collaboration. Those who guess the two members of “FranChouChou” who are performing the voices of the zombies in the movie correctly will be entered into a raffle to receive the collaboration poster. Please check out the campaign for more information.

■How to Participate
1. Follow both Sony Pictures Film Division and Zombie Land Saga_TV Anime’s Official Twitter Accounts
2. Tweet, using the hashtag 「#サガからハリウッドへ」, the names of the two FranChouChou members that will be performing the voices of the zombies in the Japanese dub of 『Zombieland: Double Tap』.

『Zombieland: Double Tap』
Nov. 22 (Friday) <A Season Full of Zombies>National Roadshow
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