The collaboration between TV anime 『Zombie Land Saga』 and 「Sanrio Characters」 was announced. This time, the visuals of the Sanrio Characters dressed as the member of “FranChouChou” from 『Zombie Land Saga』 and Minato Sakura dressed as Hello Kitty have been released!

This collaboration have been put into practice to commemorate Halloween.In the visual of the Sanrio Characters dressed as the memer of “FranChouChou”, Hello Kitty is dressed as Nilaido Saki, Cinamoroll is dressed as Muzuno Ai, Tuxedo Sam is dressed Konno Junko, My Melody is dressed as Yugiri, Little Twins is as Hoshikawa Lily, Bad Badtz-Maru is as Yamada Tae and Pompom-Purin is dressed as Romero. All of them had zombie make up for Halloween.

In addition to the visual of Sakura , the visuals of other 『Zombie Land Saga』 characters dressed as「Sanrio Characters」 will be released soon. Let’s wait and see who will be Saki, Ai and the other chracters.

Moreover, the album jacket of 「Zombie Land Saga FranChouChou The Best」, which will be on sale on Nov. 27, 2019, has been released. The theme of the jacket is “A CD by FranChouChou” and it is complete with the fleeting yet dignified appearance of the FranChouChou as an artist.

Zombie Land Saga FranChouChou The Best
Release Date: Nov. 27, 2019
Price:6,050yen(tax inclusive)
Limited Bonus:Lottery entry for the Mar. 8, 2020 concert ticket (Inclusive of serial code)