The main visuals and the main cast for the first stage play of the TV anime “Zombieland Saga” named “Zombieland Saga Stage de Dawn! ", were released. At the same time, ticket sales also began. In addition, the director of the TV anime “Zombieland Saga”, Director Sakai Munehisa, also gave a comment about the stage version.

The main visual released this time was of the seven members of the familiar idol group "Franchouchou" from the TV animation with a chaotic finish. From the design, it is completely unpredictable as to what kind of shocking developments will take place on the stage.

In addition, 8 main casts were also announced at this time.
Motonishi Sakiho (playing Minamoto Sakura), Suzuki Yuriya (playing Nikaido Saki), Matsuoka Rie (playing Mizuno Ai), Kitahara Yuuna (playing Konno Junko), Sakamoto Mioka (playing Yugiri), Takanashi Rin (playing Hoshikawa Lily), Morita Asami (playing Yamada Tae), Ohashi Noriyuki (playing Tatsumi Kotaro), and others were announced as the casts.

Regarding this announcement, Director Sakai Munehisa of the TV anime “Zombie Land Saga”, who has been partly involved from the auditions, said, “I am thrilled that the work is trying to open up a new world.” and is looking forward to the stage performance.
Director Sakai Munehisa also recommended Takanashi Rin (anime credit: LILI), who was in charge of motion capture for the dance section of the TV animation Lili, as the role of Hoshikawa Lily . He commented that “Since she was the dancer for the motion capture, I always thought that the energy of her dance was not only crisp, but also full of energy just like Lily.”

There are 7 performances scheduled for the stage drama “Zombie Land Saga Stage de Dawn!" from Mar. 11 to Mar. 14, 2020. Ticket applications are now being accepted at “Lawson Ticket” from Nov. 27th.

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[Sakai Masahisa (Director of TV anime “Zombieland Saga”)]
"Zombie Land Saga" as a stage performance!
When I first heard it, I honestly doubted my ears (haha), however when I was shown the audition videos, I was really excited that the work was trying to open up a new world.
I have always likes the stage and plays, but to see "Zombieland Saga" on stage!
Takanashi Rin, who plays Hoshikawa Lily, is a dancer who was actually doing Lily's motion capture in TV animation, and I recommended her because her dance was not only crisp but also energetic which is similar to Lily. With a lot of highlights being expected, the stage "Zombie Land Saga Stage de Dawn!" is something you cannot miss.
Please look forward to it!

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