“Afterglow Special Event Itsumo Doori no Houkago Days”, an event by Afterglow from “BanG Dream”, was held on Feb. 2, 2020 at Musashino Forest Sport Plaza, Tokyo.
It was a hot topic because it had been announced that all members of Afterglow will assemble, and the event gathered a total of 10,000 audiences at the event hall and live viewing.

The event began with “Afterglow Okujou Talk”, a talk session where 5 members of Afterglow, Sakura Ayane playing Mitake Ran, Misawa Sachika playing Aoba Moka, Katou Emiri playing Uehara Himari, Hikasa Youko playing Udagawa Tomoe, and Kanemoto Hisako playing Hazawa Tsugumi, all participated.
Rare topics from their favorite songs to their future visions as Afterglow were discussed.

In the next program “Afterglow Episode Memory”, the members actually played selected episodes from the smartphone game “BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!”.
The 6th episode of “Stars Shine in Deep-Blue”, 9th episode of “Afterglow Band Story 1st Chapter (Ordinary Days of Afterglow)”, and 6th episode of “Own Journey, Connected by Madder Red Sky” were played in front of the fans.

After that, “Ordinary Competition Days” began by inviting Itou Ayasa playing Ichigaya Arisa in Poppin Party, Ozawa Aki playing Hikawa Hina in Pastel*Palettes, Aiba Aina playing Minato Yukina in Roselia, Sakurakawa Megu playing Udagawa Ako also in Roselia, and Yoshida Yuuri playing Kitazawa Hagumi in Hello, Happy World!.
The guests were divided into 3 tag teams and competed for 3 subjects, and at the last, Ran and Yukina Team won after having victory over “flower arrangement competition”. The reward was expensive chocolate.

Mini live began at the last of the event. “Easy come, Easy go!” and “Y.O.L.O!!!!” were played from 6th single, which will be in stores from Mar. 11, 2020, and the event “Afterglow Special Event Itsumo Doori no Houkago Days” ended while the audience was in the excitement caused by all 5 members of Afterglow.

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