The first live event of the band Pastel*Palettes under “BanG Dream!”, “Pastel*Palettes Special Performance ~Manmaru Oyama ni Irodori Special~ (Give color to the perfectly round mountains special)”, was held at Zepp Tokyo on Jan. 27, 2020. The vocals from Pastel*Palettes, Maeshima Ami (as Maruyama Aya) appeared on stage.

Pastel*Palettes, aka “PasuPare”, is a girl-band with; the leader Maruyama Aya voiced by Maeshima on vocals, Hikawa Hina voiced by Ozawa Ari on guitar, Shirasagi Chisato voiced by Uesaka Sumire on bass, Yamato Maya voiced by Nakagami Ikumi on drums, and Wakamiya Eve voiced by Hata Sawako on keyboards.
They are an idol band gathered by their production office and their cute straight-forward idol sounds are loved by many fans.

“Pastel*Palettes Special Performance ~Manmaru Oyama ni Irodori Special~” began with a short story in which they introduced the letters to Maruyama Aya by the other PasuPare members. When Maeshima appeared with the words “I'll go enjoy myself” the crowd broke into cheers.

The first song of the special performance was “Wakuwaku meets Trip”. This is the latest song which will be released on Mar. 4 and this was its first performance. Fans were excited by the song with a sci-fi taste, which makes it quite different from their other songs.

In the following song “Pasupa Revolutions☆”, she fanned the flames by saying “Say 'I・MY・ME・MINE!' along with me!”, and the fans answer with all they've got. It's only the second song but the energy was already at the max.

The third song was “Shuwarin☆Drea~min” which is a song that Maruyama says, “It's a song we've cherished from the beginning.” The fans packed in the venue cheered even more for the cute dance and the adorable performance.

She sings “Hanamaru◎Andante” in the midst of the heat of the cheering fans, and goes into the covers songs. She said, “the dance moves were recently taught to me by the originals” for “Baby Sweet Berry Love”, and the crowd was hyped by the sharp dance moves, followed by “Sekai wa Koi Ni Ochiteiru (The World is Falling in Love)” and “Fantastic future”, finishing the first half of the stage.

The latter half began after a short break, kicking off with the first surprise. Hata as Wakamiya Eve appeared along with the words “I'm here to help!”. Maeshima and Hata sing “Tenka Toitsu A to Z☆”, a “Bushido” song with lyrics that gives off a scent of “Wa”, hyping up the crowd.

Without waiting for the crowd to settle, “Wonderland Girl” delivered happiness while the speedy “Zettai Sengen ~Recital~” fascinated the fans with the intense dancing, which the moves were made just for this day.

The second surprise was the appearance of Nakagami as Yamato Maya. The twin vocals of “GyuuDAYS♪” well-matched the crowd's handclaps. It was a moment where the two literally became whole with the audience.

The last song, “Mou Ichido Luminous”, is a song that represents PasuPre, the never giving up, always smiling idols. She gave her 100% to singing as an idol to the end and the latter half came to an end.

Maeshima was called back by the fans where a surprise was waiting for her. A video message from Uesaka and Ozawa arrived at the event. The fans warmly watched over Maeshima in tears from the unexpected surprise.

The first song of the encore was “Yume Yume Gradation”, which is Maeshima's favorite song of Pastel*Palettes. It was a song that represents her coming on stage as an idol, and as Aya, just as the lyrics “I'll never give up till the end”.

Hata and Nakagami re-appear on stage and sing “Y.O.L.O!!!!!”. The song was given to PasuPare from Afterglow in a story from the mobile game, “BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!”. It was a big surprise to the fans and brought up the heat even more.

The last song in the midst of all the cheering was “Kyu~mai*flower” and closed the curtains of “Pastel*Palettes Special Performance ~Manmaru Oyama ni Irodori Special~” with lingering excitement.

Photo: Nakata Tomoaki
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