The live event of the TV anime “Carole & Tuesday”, “3rd LIVE ~Mother~” was held at LINE CUBE SHIBUYA, Tokyo, on Jan. 18, 2020.
This was the 3rd live event in which you can experience the musical world of the anime. It became a gorgeous night with even more musicians and voice cast of the characters appearing compared to the last two events.

“'Carole & Tuesday' 3rd LIVE ~Mother~” began with the narration by Gus, “It was more or less a miracle. That's right, a seven-minute miracle that would be forever engraved in Martian history. The story that you're about to hear is of the two young women who were the driving force behind it.”, just the same as the beginning of each episode.

The first to come on stage was, of course, Nai Br.XX and Celeina Ann, who did the singing for Carole and Tuesday.
They began with “Kiss Me”, the opening theme of the first season, and followed by the speedy pop tune, “Beautiful Breakdown”. The bright voices of the two further lightened up the venue.

Celeina was the main MC for this live event. The two briefly introduced themselves, and Celeina translated for Nai.
The 3rd song was “Army of Two”, a song with a beautiful harmony of the two, which left a strong impression during the show. “Day By Day”, the fourth tune, had an introduction of the band members along with solo performances of the guitar, bass, keyboard, and drums.

After the live performance of the two, the lights turned off, and spotlights were cast on Shimabukuro Yuri (voicing Carole) and Ichinose Kana (voicing Tuesday) standing on the wings of the stage.
They did a recitation of the conversation of Carole and Tuesday had backstage before their first live performance at the Mars Lounge in the 5th episode, just like a live dubbing. Next, Nai and Seleina sing “Someday I'll Find My Way Home”, the song Carole and Tuesday sang at the Mars Lounge.
This live event's concept was to connect songs and recitations to recreate the 24 episodes on stage.

Ootsuka Akio (voicing Gus) join Shimabukuro and Ichinose in the 2nd recitation. They re-performed the scene where Carole and Tuesday perform at the Cydonia Festival as fill-ins of a famous musician. Nai and Celeina followed with “Round & Laundry”, the song which they sang in the midst of all the booing.

Next to come on stage was, Alisa, who did the singing for Angela.
She sang “Move Mountains”, the first song that Angela sang in the show, “All I Want”, the coquettish pop tune, and “Not Afraid”, the ending theme of the 2nd season.
She said she was “still quite nervous”, but she performed the always confident Angela with panache.

Uesaka Sumire (voicing Angela) joined in for the 3rd recitation. She said Angela had her “soul on fire”, during the Mars' Brightest Competition in the 12th episode where she had a face-off with Carole and Tuesday. In response, Alisa emotionally belted out “Light A Fire”.

Coming in next was, Maika Loubté, who did the singing for Cybelle.
She sat when she sang “La ballade” just like Cybelle did at the Mars' Brightest Competition, and stood up in the second chorus, expressing the decadence of Cybelle through singing and dancing.

J R Price, who did the singing of Pyotr, and the dancer, TACCHI, next came on stage. The two performed in sync to recreate the stage of Pyotr, who is also a dancer. The songs, “Dance Tonight” and “Love Yourself” were also performed just like in the show.

Following the gorgeous performance of Pyotr was Lauren Dyson, who did the singing of Crystal.
She came on stage with long blonde hair just like the big shot singer, Crystal, and belted out “Unbreakable”. She also covered “Give Your The World”, a song by the legendary Flora, who appeared in the 16th episode.

Once all the performers had their turn, the live event entered the latter half. Alisa performed 4 songs, mainly from the second season, followed by “Endless”, a song full of sadness that was written by Alisa herself, “LIGHTS GO OUT”, which was a collaboration with Pyotr, and other songs which represented Angela's ups and downs.

The 4th recitation was by Shimabukuro, Ichinose, and Uesaka. They performed the conversation of Carole, Tuesday, and Angela, before the Cydonia Festival in the 19th episode. Nai and Celeina followed the three acknowledging each other as rivals, by gently singing the acoustic tune, “Message in the Wind”.

Ootsuka enthusiastically performed the scene from episode 22, where Gus encourages Carole and Tuesday before the Mars Grammys. “After the fire”, which was a collaboration with Crystal, Lauren Dyson joined them and the three sang in great coordination.

The climax of the event came after the 6th recitation by the entire voice cast. It was time for the song “Mother”, the seven-minute miracle performed by all the musicians around Mars.

The performance of “Mother” by the six performers, including Cybelle, who didn't participate in the show, was mind-blowing. The crowd stood up and clapped their hands to the rhythm of the song and golden confetti flew all over the venue just like the anime. The singers spontaneously wrapped their arms around each other's shoulders, also the same as the show.

The last performance was “Hold Me Now”, the ending theme of the first season. The six of them sang with smiles and the two and a half-hour show came to an end.
After the performance, all the performers, both singers and voice actors, expressed their feelings. Uesaka Sumire's comment, “It was a miraculous 3hours.” summed up this live event.

(C)Bones・Watanabe Shinichirou/Carole & Tuesday Production Committee