The first solo event of the movie “Promare”, “Promare LIVE INFERNO” was held at Nakano Sunplaza Hall in Tokyo on Jan. 18, 2020.
The largest “fiery” movie screening in history, the talk show with director Imaishi Hiroyuki, scriptwriter Nakashima Kazuki, and voice actor Sakura Ayane, and the live performance by the movie sound producer Sawano Hiroyuki had attracted more than 4000 fans in the day and night exhibition.

During the talk show after the “fiery” screening, staffs members which include director Imaishi, scriptwriter Nakashima, the movie music producer Sawano, etc. and the cast members Sakura (voice of Aina Ardebit), Inada Tetsu (voice of Varys Truss), Shintani Mayumi (voice of Lucia Fex), Koshimizu Ami (voice of Heris Ardebit), Hiyama Nobuyuki (voice of Gueira), and Konishi Katsuyuki (voice of Meis) went on the stage.
During the performers' greetings, someone from the audience shouted “You're cute!”, and at the talk show, a big cheer comes for the ad-lib of the sister role Sakura and Koshimizu during the talk show.

In addition, during the “Promare Dice Talk” where each cast member talk about the episodes of “Promare” of the respective lines that appeared. The fans were also excited about hearing inside stories, such that one related to the song of “Promare”.

“Promare” music live performance by Sawano featured vocalists such as Benjamin & mpi, LACO, and naNami. The excitement of the fans increased as the live progressed.
At the encore, following the mpi's words, “Let's sing this song together one more time!”, one of the most impressive songs in Promare, “Inferno” was performed. In the second half of the song, a silver tape bazooka was released, and when all the performers re-went on stage the event reached its end.

At the talk event, to commemorate the long run of “Promare”, it was also announced that a “Movie 'Promare' Long Run Kansha Event” will be held.
The event will be host at the XFLAG STORE, where a limited cafe menu and new products from “Promare” will be sold, along with illustrations set up as “Monster” in-app items, completely supervised by Koyama Shigeto. More details will be released on the “Monster” official website in the next days.

(C) TRIGGER / Nakashima Kazuki / XFLAG