TV Anime "22/7" will be broadcast on Jan. 11, 2020. Alongside this broadcast, a second series of key visuals has also been published. In addition, an advanced screening will be held on Jan. 4, and a promotional program, "Anime 「22/7」 Pre-Broadcast Rehearsal", will also be broadcast.

"22/7" is a digital voice actor idol project produced by Akimoto Yasushi and the tag team of Sony Music and ANIPLEX.
With characters designed by multiple top creators, and members chosen from over 10,325 applicants, the project is active in a wide variety of fields. These fields include music releases, live performances, Youtube videos, and appearances on variety shows. The Jan. 2020 broadcast of the long-awaited TV anime marks the three-year anniversary of the project's debut.

The broadcast and distribution information for the TV anime, as well as a second series of key visuals, debuted on the Nov. 30 AbemaTV special program, "22/7 Future Prediction Chart". The key visuals showed for the first time all eight main characters gathered together.
Moreover, information regarding the first episode, which will be broadcast on Jan. 11, 2020 at 23:00 has also arrived. An advance cut of the episode – subtitled "Farewell, My Modest World" – shows that the story seems to begin with all eight young girl characters, including Takigawa Miu, receive strange letters from talent office "G.I.P".

On Jan. 4, 2020, a "Episode 1 + Episode 2 Advance Screening and Cast Stage Meet-and-Greet" will be held at Shinjuku Wald 9. On the same day, the promotional program 『Anime "22/7" Pre-Broadcast Rehearsal』 will also be broadcast.
The TV anime "22/7" will be broadcast on Jan. 11, 2020.

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