Production of new series of "SHOW BY ROCK" has been announced. The title is "SHOW BY ROCK! Mashumairesh!", and it will be aired on "FOD" Jan. 9, 2020 as an earliest exclusive release.

"SHOW BY ROCK" is a character project by Sanrio where the theme was music. The first season was released on Apr. 2015, the short animation, "SHOW BY ROCK!! Short!!" was released on Jul. 2016, and the second season, "SHOW BY ROCK!!#" was released on Oct. 2016.

The latest series in three years is called, "SHOW BY ROCK!! Mashumaireshu!!" and the main band is changed to Mashumaireshu!!. Toono Hikaru plays Howan, a whitish fox character, Natsuyoshi Yuuko plays Mashimahimeko, a striped cat tribe girl, Watada Misaki plays Delmin from Devil Mint Kiryu tribe, and Yamane Aya plays Ruhuyu, from wolf tribe.

The animation is produced by KINEMA CITRUS, director is Sun Seung-hui, the adviser is Kojima Masayuki, the director of "Made in Abyss". 3-D model will be created by POLYGON PICTURES. Prior to the release of the anime, a "SHOW BY ROCK End of Year Show" will be aired on Dec. 30, 2019 from 20:00. Not only you can review "SHOW BY ROCK!", information about the new TV animation and new app called, "SHOW BY ROCK!! Fes A Live" will also be announced. You can also enjoy the first episode of the anime prior to the official release.

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