The digital voice actor idol project 「22/7」 produced by Yasushi Akimoto released its 1st TV Anime key visual and preview video before its broadcast in January 2020. Information regarding the casts and staffs were released alongside with their commentaries as well.

「22/7」 is a joint digital voice actor idol project produced by Yasushi Akimoto along with Sony Music and ANIPLEX. Characters designed by several top creators along and members that were selected from a total of 10,325 applicants have been involved in multiple kinds of activities such as music album releases, live shows, Youtuber plannings, appearing in variety shows etc. A TV anime will begin broadcast in January 2020 as a way to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of their debut.

The 1st key visual and preview video were released during the 22/7「Anniversary Live 2019」 that was held at Mynavi Akasaka BLITZ on September 20th 2019. In addition, the TV anime was said to illustrate the group’s forming and the characters past.

The casts that are announced this time are as follows, Nagomi Saijou as Miu Takigawa, Sally Amaki as Sakura Fujima, Mizuha Kuroaka as Miyako Kono, Chiharu Hokaze as Reika Satou, Ruri Umino as Jun Toda, Kanae Shirozawa as Akane Maruyama, Reina Miyase as Ayake Tachikawa and Mei Hanakawa as Nicole Saitou.
And as for the staffs, Takao Abo will be directing, Mareiji Miyaji and Chiaki Nagai will be handling the series composition while Majiro will be the animation character designer and key art director.

TV Anime 『22/7』 will broadcast in January 2020.
Furthermore, a stream called 「TV Anime Adaptation Commemoration Special Broadcast」 where the cast will make an appearance was announced to be streamed on AbemaTV, 21:00 September 25th.

<Below contains the full commentary>
■Main Staff Comments
▼Name Drafts:Mareiji Miyaji
〔Q1〕In the TV anime,Secret backstory “The Beginning Story” is illustrated which has not been disclosed before.Could you please let us know about how the story is like.
――22/7 is already active on live and TV. The anime is about the story of their origins. By understanding why they had become idlos, fans and viewers can feel the true form of 22/7.

〔Q2〕Could I have a massege fot the funs and viewers who are looking foward to the TV Anime [22/7]
――I would like to show those who are new to 22/7 the 「The New Idols」, and as for the fans 「Their True Selves」.

▼Director:Takao Abo
〔Q1〕Please tell us what you are the important points that you were conscious about when working on this “The Beginning of the story”.
――How did the characters of the members from 22/7 banded together as a team, when there’s a certain distance between the each of them? There may be an important thought or feeling that only oneself cannot reveal to the others. Not knowing where the chance lies at. Illustrating how the girls still bravely hung on and moved forward in the midst of confusion and uncertainty.

〔Q2〕Could I have a massege fot the funs and viewers who are looking foward to the TV Anime [22/7]
――Their dances to the songs, their bright smiles, and the pain in their hear…. I’m also giving a lot of thoughts in expanding the variations. I would be glad if everyone is as excited as I am while looking forward to the broadcast.
I don’t know what would happen. But I would like to enjoy this “live feeling” together with everyone.

▼Series Composition:Chiaki Nagai
〔Q1〕Not just the backstory of the group’s forming, backstories for each of the 8 members were said to be involved as well, so can you please tell us what are the main highlights of it.
――Each of the 8 members has a hidden feeling held tightly within their chests. Whether it be a special kind of feeling or something average just like how everyone else has. So how will these girls shine as idols?Those are what I believe to be the highlights of 22/7. It would be glad if everyone have thoughts like “I want to know more about them by witnessing their pasts and background!”.

〔Q2〕Could I have a massege fot the funs and viewers who are looking foward to the TV Anime [22/7]
――I believe it will be a work where viewers would have thoughts like What is 『22/7』? What are idols?along with the characters, and get excited watching the anime. Let’s give support and liven things up for 22/7 together!

▼Animation Character Design・Key Art Director:Majiro
〔Q1〕Please let us in on what were the points you were careful with and the ones you were particular about during the character designing.
――I was really careful with Yukiko Horiguchi’s soft touches that were left on the screen. Also, on how the 「Upbringings」, 「Charm」 and 「Cuteness」 of the various characters were conveyed. Personally, I like to draw their hair with a sense of fluffiness, I also try my best to draw stringy hairs as well.

〔Q2〕Could I have a massege fot the funs and viewers who are looking foward to the TV Anime [22/7]
――I would like to present the work in an excellent state to those 「Who have been fans of 22/7 from the start」 as well as those 「who are new to the series」. It would be great if you could find favorite members and become more fond of them as you watch every second of the video made by the production staff!

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