From the TV anime “Otherside Picnic”, the storyline and scenes of Episode 4 “Jinkan, Kuukan, Ossan” (to be broadcast on Tuesday, January 26, 2021) have been released in advance.

“Otherside Picnic” is originally a novel written by Miyazawa Iori and published by “Hayakawa Bunko JA”.
The story is set in the “Otherside”, a world right next to reality, where dangerous beings from ghost stories, including “Kunekune”, “Hasshaku-sama”, and “Kisaragi Station” appear.
Kamikoshi Sorao found the “Otherside” through a door in a deserted house, and after her encounter with Nishina Toriko, the dangerous survival of the two begins…

The title of Episode 4 is “Jinkan, Kuukan, Ossan” (Time, Space, and an Old Dude).
Sorao and Toriko return from the . After being exposed to danger several times, she gets into a quarrel with Toriko about further ventures in the .

Sorao goes to see Toriko at the apartment she lives in and encounters another strange incident. She goes to Kozakura to ask for advice but is turned away. Then, a strange figure appears.

TV anime “Otherside Picnic” Episode 4 “Jinkan, Kuukan, Ossan” is broadcast/streamed on Tokyo MX and other channels from 12:30 a.m. on Tuesday, January 26, 2021.

(C) MIyazawa Iori, Hayakawa Shobou / DS-ken