TV anime “22/7 (Nanabun no Nijyuuni)” (broadcast begins on Jan. 11) held an advance screening of the first and second episodes on Jan. 4 at Shinjuku Baltic 9 in Tokyo.
The MC, Tenshin Mukai along with the 7 members, Saijo Nagomi (Miu Takigawa), Amaki Sally (Fujima Sakura), Hokaze Chiharu (Sato reika), Umino Ruri (Toda Jun), Shirosawa Kanae (Maruyama Akane), Miyase Reina (Tachikawa Ayaka), and Uta Kawase (Saito Nicole) made their appearances while dressed in white Nananiji parkas, which were made for this day.

At the talk corner, Hokaze revealed that she watched the complete episode with Umino and Amaki, saying “I was afraid to watch it alone”, and says that she was reminded of the time during post-recording while watching the video.
In addition, Kawase, who joined as a new member, “I had no dubbing or acting experience, I was dubbing in a situation where I was desperately trying to move straight ahead, but after seeing the first two episodes, as Nicole, I want to do more and more I thought,” she said in a firm tone.

And after the questioning of the third episode, they started delving into each and every character.
Shirosawa said passionately, “It shows the childhood of Maruyama Akane, and I'd like everyone to pay attention to how the high-school student Akane-chan is now made.”
In fact, there are quite a few episodes in which the members that are “on duty” are allowed to cry, and it is said that in the after-recording, many of them actually cried after listening to their acting.

Furthermore, in a after-recording memory talk, Amaki reveals a hilarious episode of the member, Kuraoka Mizuha. On the after-recording screen shows how she misunderstood the word “mono” (which means monologue), believing it to be some kind of eraser and did not put it in the dialogue.
In addition, another episode shows Umino having trouble with the microphone and was wondering where to insert it while repeatedly jumping sideways, which the sound director later warned “Don't defend!”. On the other hand, Kawase, who was told by the members that her microphone work was great, which in she replied shyly, “I might have the talent of being on the offense.”

At the end of the advance screening, the leader Hokaze announced, “I'm really glad to be able to deliver the TV anime” 22/7 “to everyone. For the following main episodes of the upcoming anime, plus the 13th Extra episode, I believe that there are some parts where you all can sympathize with, the worries and struggles of the 11 girls as they pursue their dreams of becoming idols. So if you all would please kindly watch over their journey till the very end I would be overjoyed”. It was a powerful speech. The curtain of the event, which was a fun talk, was finally closed.

The TV anime “22/7 (Nanabun no Nijyuuni)” will be broadcast on TOKYO MX, Gunma TV, Tochigi TV, BS11 and others from 23:00 on Jan. 11, 2020.

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