The date for the first broadcast of the TV anime “In/Spectre” has been decided for Jan. 11, 2020. At the same time, the 2nd key visuals of the spectres that make up this series and the program commercial were also shown. In addition, comments were received from the original writer, Shirodaira Kyo, and the manga, Katase Chashiba, for the broadcast.

“In/Spectre” is based on a novel by Shirodaira Kyo that was turned into a manga by Shibase Katase and later serialized in “Magazine R” under the title “Love x Romance x Mystery”.

Iwanaga Kotoko, is a girl who became the god of wisdom for the “spectres” and solves problems brought to her by the “spectres” daily. Accompanying her is Sakuragawa Kurou, the boy who she fell in love at first sight with who’s terrified of everything, even “spectres”? This very unusual pair confront the mysteries brought to them each time by the “spectres”

The second key visual that was released is a unique piece of the five main characters Iwanaga Kotoko, Sakuragawa Kurou, Yumihara Saki , Nanase Karin, and Detective Terada being surrounded by spectres. In addition, two types of commercials with different narrations done by Kotoko have also been unveiled.

The TV anime “In/Spectre” will be broadcast on TV Asahi, MBS and other stations from Jan. 11, 2020.
This time additional characters & cast information was also released. For details, please visit the official website!

<The following are the full version of comments that were received>
[Original author: Shirohira Kyo]
As I have been working on the original manga for a long time, it is still a wonder for me that a novel “that I had decided to write long lines and elaborate mysteries in as I hadn’t written a novel for a long time and would definitely not be suitable for a comic” became a comic, and then became an anime.

I would be happy if you could judge after watching it whether my sense is strange or or whether the skills of those who put such novels into visualization are uncommon or not.

[Manga: Katase Chashiba]
When comicalizing the original novel, it was a really mysterious and interesting experience for me to imagine that I put into picture form parts of the novel that I had never dreamed of when I was reading it.

I’m really looking forward to being able to see the new elements come together from combining the motion of video, voice and sound by becoming an anime!

(C) Shirohira Kyo, Chashiba Katase , Kodansha / In/Spectre production committee