TV anime "Eizouken ni wa Te o Dasu na!" will start on Jan. 5, 2020. The main visuals of the three electrifying girls, Asakusa Midori, Kanamori Sayaka, and Mizusaki Tsubame, floating in the air with their gadgets have been released.
Also, the artists for the OP and the ED have been decided, OP: "chelmico", ED: "Kamisama Boku wa Kizuiteshimatta", comments from each of the artists have arrived.

"Eizouken ni wa Te o Dasu na!" is originally a comic of the same title, serialized on "Monthly Spirits" by Oowara Sumito.
Three high school girls start up a Film Study group to express "the most awesome world" in their minds. The work depicts the youthful adventures of them creating their own anime. The TV anime will be produced by director Yuasa Masaaki who has won many awards both in and out of the country, and the animation will be done by Science SARU.

The scenery of the main visual is as if it is the materialisation of Asakusa Midori's imagination. Various gadgets and comments from the members of eizouken are drawn in this scenery.
The first visual had the three floatingin the air with their uniforms, getting fansexcited for the days in eizouken and the adventures in "the most awesome world".

Rap unit chelmico, known for their song from the commercial of "Soukenbicha" will be in charge of the OP song "Easy Breezy" and the ED song is by Kamisama Boku wa Kizuiteshimatta, the rock band drawing every ones' attention.
Let's look forward to the songs by two young and energetic groups.

TV anime "Eizouken ni wa Te o Dasu na!" will start its broadcast from Jun. 5, 2020, midnight, on NHK General TV.
It will also be exclusively available at FOD and new episodes will be released every Sunday at 26:00 after Jan. 5, 2020.

<Below are the comments>

I was asked to comment but it is difficult for me to put this joy into words.
Isn't it amazing that our song is used in the animation of "Eizoken" by Oowara Sumito-sensei produced by director Yuasa Masaaki?
I'm proud of being a part of "the most awesome world".
This track made me realize the joy of rapping to the feelings of the characters of eizouken and the joy of being a creator.
We've made a great track, so enjoy!!!

【Kamisama Boku wa Kizuiteshimatta・Izumi Ryu-shin】

How do you leave a mark in life? My answer to this critical question of life was to be a creator. I believe "Eizouken" gave me a chance to look back at myself as a creator.
I hope this song can encourage the ones struggling to find a way to leave a mark in life.

(C)2020 Oowara Sumito・Shougakukan/"Eizouken" production committee