The outline and preceding cut-scenes of episode 1 of the TV anime “Praeter no Kizu” (broadcast on January 9, 2021) have been released. The comments from the cast members, including Kousaka Atsushi, and Chiba Shouya have been released as well.

“Praeter no Kizu” is an animation work that depicts the after-story of the drama CD of “PROJECT SCARD”, which has development, including character songs, and voice actor live broadcast.
The story takes place in “Akatsuki Special Zone, Tokyo”, a lawless district that is untouched by the law. It depicts the daily life of “SCARD”, the protector of the lawless region that possessed the tattoo sealed with the power of the wild sacred beast, “Divine Tattoo”.

The title for episode 1 is “There is a hero in the city”.
The young boy, Yamato, who helps any troubled person and works as an escaper in the illegal residence area B1 of Akatsuki Special Zone, encounter the Eiji, who is known as the “Akatsuki’s Hero”, a “SCARD” that possess the “Cerberus” tattoo.
Both of them got along after a battle but they ended up in a fight due to a plot by the Mafia Dusk that resides out of the special zone…

Episode 1 of the TV anime “Praeter no Kizu” has been broadcast at 1:55 AM, on January 9, 2021, on “Animerism” of MBS, TBS, and BS-TBS, and other slots.

Kousaka Atsushi, voice of Arashiba Eiji
PROJECT SCARD has finally gotten an anime!
The slightly hard to understand parts, including the world setting and their action, can finally be seen.
During the recording, I was able to felt the love from GoHands-san!
The quality of the artworks is so amazing until you will fall for its beauty just by looking at it.
Anyway, regardless of the scenes, you will able to felt that the staff’s pursue of “fanciness” in it.
Please have a look at “Praeter no Kizu”. Thank you!

Chiba Shouya, voice of Arashibaya Kazuma
I am glad from the bottom of my heart on the TV anime broadcast.
Kazuma has usually shown different types of emotion, which makes me think once more that I am glad to encounter this role as it was worth the challenge.
I got goosebumps when I first saw the anime’s PV. The battle styling that makes use of the 360 degrees is so amazing that even the personnel would want to look at it again. Don’t miss out on “Praeter no Kizu”.

Enoki Junya, voice of Sakishima Kagami
The broadcast of “Praeter no Kizu” will finally start in January!
The fierce and intense battle involving the beautiful characters.
As the footage is quite clear, do look at each of their movement in details.

Masuyama Takeaki, voice of Washimine Ran
PROJECT SCARD that has shown us various development has finally gotten an anime! Please watch it if you are interested in the interaction between the characters and the story development.
Please look forward to “Praeter no Kizu”!

Nogami Shou, voice of Karasue Jin
I’m Nogami Shou, the voice of Karasue Jin.
This work that had development including drama CD and live broadcast, has finally gotten an anime!
I hope you would enjoy various expressions shown by the character including the rampage battle scene between the tattoo users that had been depicted in the drama CD as well as the nonchalant conversation in their daily life.
Other than anime, it would make me happy if you would pick up the other media filled with this world setting, including character songs, manga, and the goods. Do look forward to it!

Yashiro Taku, voice of Tatsuma Kougo
My character has various movements and expressions inside his head, so I can’t explain in words how happy I am able to see it in the animation! I am filled with the joy of wanting everyone to watch this anime as soon as possible! I also quite glad that my role remains unchanged.
It would make me glad if you were able to fully enjoy this! I will go all-out in my voice acting as well!

Hatanaka Tasuku, voice of Torataka Itsuki
I would like to congratulate “PROJECT SCARD” for getting an anime!!!
The individual story of the characters, various mysteries, and other contents that can’t be fully explained in the drama CD!
All of them will be solved in the anime!
I am so excited about it!!
You will understand after watching the PV but, the battle scene depicting is so tremendous!
Please do look forward to it!

Lounsbery Arthur, voice of Kai Yamato
During the recording, I thought that there is still time before the broadcast, but once the broadcast had gotten this close, it gave me a mysterious feeling.
Up until now, Yamato had protected the street without being involved with any of the main characters, but to think that he would be involved with everyone from the Akatsuki Special Zone…
As I had poured in all my efforts and souls during each recording, I hope that you would be able to enjoy it. Do look forward to it!

(C)PROJECT SCARD(C)GoHands,Frontier Works/Praeter-Project