The special program of the anime “Spy × Family”, “‘Spy × Family’ Operation ‘Abema’ Latest Information Announcement Special Program” will be broadcast exclusively on the new futuristic TV “ABEMA”, at 9:00 PM, August 28, 2022. The special program will feature Eguchi Takuya, Tanezaki Atsumi, Hayami Saori, Yoshino Hiroyuki, Ono Kensho, and Fujiwara Natsumi, the key visual of the 2nd cours will also be revealed for the first time in the program.

“Spy × Family” is based on the manga by Endou Tatsuya that is currently serialized on “Shounen Jump+”. For the sake of the top secret mission, the skilled spy “Twilight” acts as the psychiatrist Loid Forger and formed a “pseudo family” with Anya who can read people’s mind and the assassin Yor. It is a comedy featuring them undergoing various mission to protect the world’s peace while keeping their identities a secret.
The manga has released up to nine volumes and it has recorded a big hits of more than 21 million copies in circulation. The TV anime first started broadcast in April 2022, and the efforts of the Forger family facing the various sudden circumstance has put this anime under the spotlight, and a high expectation is put on the second cours that will be broadcast in October.

“‘Spy × Family’ Operation ‘Abema’ Latest Information Announcement Special Program” that will be broadcast on “ABEMA Anime 2 Channel” will feature the Forger family, which are Eguchi Takuya (voice of Loid Forger), Tanezaki Atsumi (voice of Anya Forger), and Hayami Saori (voice of Yor Forger), along with Yoshino Hiroyuki (voice of Franky Franklin), Ono Kensho (voice of Yuri Briar), and Fujiwara Natsumi (voice of Damian Desmond).
Other than looking back on the first cours, a special project related to this anime will be held, and the key visual of the second cours will be revealed for the first time in this program. Don’t miss out the backstory by the six cast members with the latest information if you are a fan.

Also, together with the broadcast of this special program, all the episodes of the first cours of the anime “Spy × Family” can be streamed for free on August 27 and August 28. “ABEMA” is the only place where you can freely enjoys the charms of “Spy × Family” via the special program featuring the performers and the free streaming. Do also check out the latest information of the highly anticipated second cours here.

(C) Endou Tatsuya/ Shueisha, Spy × Family Production Committee