The project “BanG Dream!” has marked its 7th anniversary on February 28, 2022. To commemorate this, the official Twitter of BanG Dream has announced the planning of “#BanG Dream!’s Day!” and special interview videos were released on the official YouTube channel. Moreover, the smartphone application game “BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!” will have a special streaming program toward its 5th anniversary.

“BanG Dream!” is a next-generation girls’ band project that links the characters to live performances.
This project has various media mix developments, such as anime, games, and actual live performances. Among the featured bands, the voice actress of “Poppin’ Party”, “Roselia”, “Morfonica”, and “RAISE A SUILEN” has formed the actual respective band and are active in the live band performance.

Also, the smartphone application game “BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!” is a music and adventure game that you can enjoy the familiar song from the anime and live performance of this project as well as cover songs of famous anime songs.

After the services have started 5 years ago, the game has more than 14 million Japanese registered users as of April 2021. So, do look forward to its future developments.

The commemoration plan of BanG Dream! Project’s 7th anniversary was announced on “#BanG Dream!’s Day!”, which is on February 28.
The illustrations by the affiliated staff and creators were released followed by a project to answer the “questions” posted by the official Twitter account of BanG Dream!.
On the YouTube channel “BanG Dream! Channel☆”, the special interview videos with the cast members of BanG Dream! were released.

Furthermore, the live streaming, “Girls Band Party! Station- Special Streaming Right Before the 5th Anniversary!” will start at 8:00 PM, on March 5, and it will announce the future updates information for the 5th anniversary as well as the campaign information. The additional information on the collaboration with the artist “Eve”, the collaboration between the anime and game for the 5th anniversary, and other information will be announced as well.

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