The movie “BanG Dream! Episode of Roselia I: Yakusoku”, will be released on April 23 (Fri).
An advance screening of which was held at Grand Cinema Sunshine Ikebukuro on April 7 (Wed) for the media and related parties.

On the stage were Roselia members Aiina Aiba who plays Minato Yukina, Kudo Haruka who plays Hikawa Sayo, Nakajima Yuki who plays Imai Lisa, Sakuragawa Megu who plays Udagawa Ako, and Shizaki Kanon who plays Shirakane Rinko, as well as general director Kakimoto Koudai and director Mimura Atsushi.

After the movie screening, they talked about the scenes they recommended and the story behind the production.

Summary of the movie version
Are you ready to bet everything on Roselia?
Minato Yukina decides to form a band in order to participate in the “Fes” festival.
The band members gather around her with their own thoughts and feelings.
The five aim to reach new heights as Roselia at …
This is the story of their “promise” from their formation to their participation in the Future World Fes.

Stories of hardships unique to this film told in the stage greetings
“BanG Dream! Episode of Roselia I: The Promise” focuses on the popular group “Roselia” from “BanG Dream!” and depicts the secret story of their formation.

The girls started their activities as a voice acting unit in 2016, and while most of the members had never touched an instrument in the beginning, they struggled to practice for about six months.

Sakuragawa Megu, who took the stage to give a speech after the advance screening, looked back on that time as follows.

“At “Poppin’'Party’s 3rd live “BanG Dream! 3rd☆LIVE Sparklin’' PARTY 2017!”, I gave a surprise performance as a secret guest. Performing on that stage, which was our full-fledged debut, was our first big hurdle.”

This work exactly coincides with that time and is a story about the formation of a band. Therefore, during the recording, it was necessary to reset the parts that had grown in the app game version and TV anime version.

Kudo Haruka said, “Going back to my roots, I felt nostalgic when I saw the scenario, but I also tried to start from scratch.”

Aiba Aina also revealed that she was instructed by the staff to “not show that much” of the character’s growth, which she said made a deep impression on her.

The most recommended scene is the spectacular live stage. Since this was a theatrical version of the film, they were particular about the camera work, lighting, and other aspects of the production.
One of the songs in particular was very memorable for Sanzigen, the animation production company, and director Mimura said, “I was deeply moved by it.”

Aiba-san was also in charge of the choreography for the motion capture of the live scene, and General Director Kakimoto told the story behind the scenes, “I cut the storyboard after the capture came in. Among the body parts, I was conscious of using parts that showed facial expressions as much as possible, such as close-ups of the hands.”

Notable points picked up by the members
Shizaki Kanon pointed out the growth of Shirogane Rinko, who she plays. In the beginning, she is too shy to speak well, but through the story, she takes a big step forward.

“I’d like you to pay attention to that part of her performance where she is attracted to Udagawa Ako and grows up.”

The same goes for Kudo Haruka, who wants us to pay attention to the growth of her own character.
She is so stoic that at first she is very hard on her friends, but through Roselia she is able to bring them closer together.

Sakuragawa Megu reminisced about the scene where Akiko Udagawa’s fingers were covered with adhesive plasters due to over-practicing, because she had actually experienced the scars caused by the “wisps” on her drumsticks.

On this point, General Director Kakimoto revealed that he heard Sakuragawa Megu’s injury story from the staff and reflected it in this film.
In addition, the film seems to reflect the actual experiences and research of the members, such as the inclusion of “a certain drummer” who peels off her bandage just before a performance.

Nakajima Yuki said that she wanted the audience to pay attention to Imai Lisa’s nails. As she joins the band and becomes more active, her nails seem to change. ……

Aiba Aina also said that there are hidden points of interest in the small details of the screen. Where in the world will the members meet? This is a scene that could only be depicted in the movie.
Please come to the theater to find out.

The film is a two-part series.
The first one, “Episode of Roselia I: Promise” will be released on April 23 (Fri.).
The second film, “Episode of Roselia II: Song I am.” will be released on June 25 (Fri).

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