The voice actors for the TV anime “Lupin the Third PART 6” have been announced, and it was revealed that the actor for Jigen Daisuke will change from Kobayashi Kiyoshi to Otsuka Akio. The comments from Kobayashi and Otsuka have arrived this time. In addition, the 2nd PV and the main characters are also revealed all at once.

“Lupin the Third PART 6” is the latest work to celebrate the 50th anniversary of “Lupin the Third” anime adaption that is scheduled to start to from October 9, 2021. The continuing casts from the previous series included Kurita Kanichi for Lupin the Third, Namikawa Daisuke for Ishikawa Goemon, Sawashiro Miyuki for Mine Fujiko, and Yamadera Koichi for Detective Zenigata. However, the role of Jigen Daisuke will change from Kobayashi Kiyoshi to Otsuka Akio.

Moreover, the voice actors from “PART 5”, including Shimazaki Nobunaga for Yatagarasu Goro and Tsuda Kenjiro for Albert d’Andrey, Obara Masato and Moroboshi Sumire also continue to appear in the upcoming series as well.

The 2nd PV released together with the announcement screens the part of “’Homecoming’ for the new world” with Lupin in the emerald green jacket. What kind of treasure and mystery behind it awaits Lupin, who reminds the audience of the 1st TV series broadcast 50 years with the outfit that are not red, pink, nor blue.

The elite detective Sherlock Holmes faces with Lupin in this series. The PV enlarges the expectation toward the popular but new style mystery solving story, which invites Lupin of “PART 6” into the world of “mystery”.

Also from October 8, the “Special Collaboration Café” will be held at “PLUSTOKYO” in Ginza, Tokyo as the commemoration for “Lupin the Third PART 6” broadcast.

There are many photogenic menu, including “100% Beef Burger” with the famous mark of the line “Good Work” being printed and “Lupin the Third Family Cream Soda (4 flavorsstyles)”, will be provided. The detailed information announcement is scheduled on September 17.

TV anime “Lupin the Third PART 6” will be broadcast from October 2021 on Japan TV network. Japan TV broadcasts the episode from 0:55 AM on October 9, 2021.

The first episode is “EPISODE 0 -Age-“, which is the last episode for Kobayashi Kiyoshi to play Jigen. Otsuka Akio will play the character after the first broadcast.

<Full comments are below>

【Kobayashi Kiyoshi】

Lupin is my life work. I risked my life to act.
To be honest, I wanted to play him until I become 90, but sadly I can’t.
I struggled, but I couldn’t.
Some depth will be there as I get older, however, the gap between the movie may not.

By the way, Akio-chan one day asked me this,
“Why did my father quit playing Goemon?”.
“My father” here means senior Otsuka Chikao. I had hard time answering.
I am sure that he bitterly resigned.
What some of my seniors ever toldwould tell me is Jigen with old voice is hard to hear.
That’s true because I am now 88. This is the result of my hard work.
Now I do not have to be hurt from what others comment on me. I am relieved.

I will let Akio-chan do the rest.
Do your best.
But, Jigen is not an ordinary villain.
This is the uniqueness of Edo. It sounds wired, but Jigen was born and raised in Edo.
Akio-chan, this work will be difficult.
His vibesatmosphere somewhat reminds of us a jazz.

I thank all of my supporters until now. Thank you very much.

Lupin, it’s time to go.
See ya.

【Otsuka Akio】

I feel my body being tighten up.
I will grasp the message from Kiyoshi-san and I will never let it go.
I first met Kiyoshi-san’s voice through “Shazzan” then to “Humanoid Monster Bem”, and I admired Jigen Daisuke. I think I was 5th grader back then.
Jigen Daisuke, whom Kiyoshi-san spentused 50 years to put into life, is Kiyoshi-san himself.
I don’t want to hear voice other than Kiyoshi-san being spoken out from Jigen Daisuke, maybe more than anyone else.
That is why I swore to myself that I will become Jigen Daisuke that makes anyone understand why I am doing this.
I will keep the Edo style, Edo children habit, and Jazz into my heart, and
I now have your baton!

“Lupin the Third PART 6” Broadcast Commemoration “Special Collaboration Café”
■ Period: Friday, October 8 to Sunday, October 31, 2021
■ Location: PLUSTOKYO (Kirari to Ginza 12th Floor)
■ Reservation: 0:00 AM on Friday, September 17, 2021

“Lupin the Third PART 6”
The broadcast begins from October 2021 on Japan TV channels!
Japan TV broadcasts from 0:55 AM on SundaySaturday, October 109
※Please check the broadcast date on each official website of the channels
Streaming: Hulu and other websites
※Streaming information will be announced on the official website

Lupin the Third: Kurita Kanichi
Jigen Daisuke: Otsuka Akio
Ishikawa Goemon: Namikawa Daisuke
Mine Fujiko: Sawashiro Miyuki
Detective Zenigata: Yamadera Koichi
Yatagarasu Goro: Shimazaki Nobunaga
Albert d’Andrey: Tsuda Kenjiro
Holmes: Obara Masato
Lily: Moroboshi Sumire

Original Author: Monkey Punch
Director: Suganuma Eiji
Series Structure: Okura Takahiroharu
Character Design: Marufujito Hiroki
Art Director: Matsumiya Yumi, Bizen Koichiro, Ogura Hiromasa, Nishizawa Wataru, Beom-Seon LeeBon Cor, Takeda Yusuke
Color Setting: Miyawaki Hiromi
Shooting Director: Sasaki Akemi
Editor: Yoshitake Masato
Sound Director: Shimizu Hiroshi
Sound Effect: Kurahbashi Hiromune
Music: Ono Yuji
Main Theme: “THEME FROM LUPIN III 2021”
Composed: Ono Yuji, Editor: Ono Yuji, Instruments by Yuji Ohno & Lupintic Six with Friends
Produced by; TMS Entertainment
Produced by: Lupin the Thid PART 6 Production Committee
Original Author: Monkey Punch © TMS, NTV

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