“Baki: Son of Ogre”, 3rd series of the Netflix original anime “Baki” series, will be distributed on September 30, 2021. Along with the announcement, 2nd PV and the additional cast, including Yamadera Koichi and Koyama Mami, have been revealed.

“Baki: Son of Ogre” is based on the “Baki” series featuring martial arts, which was serialized in “Weekly Shonen Champion” and had over 85 million collected volumes in circulation.
The anime series by Netflix completed “New Grappler Baki: In Search of Our Strongest Hero”, 2nd series of “Baki”, by having distributed “Baki: Most Evil Death Row Convicts Saga” in 2018, and “Baki: Great Chinese Challenge Saga” in 2020. This time, it has been announced that a total of 12 episodes of 3rd series “Baki: Son of Ogre”, where the parent and child with a deep connection confront with all their soul, will be distributed worldwide exclusively on Netflix on September 30.

The 2nd PV shows extremely strong men waiting for Baki at the Black Pentagon, and gives a glimpse of the match to decide the superlative man with Biscuit Oliva also known as Mr. Unchained.
In the PV, the additional cast members have been announced: Nojima Kenji as Jun Guevaru, who is kept in the “Black Pentagon” just as Oliva, Koyama Mami as Maria, who is said to be the most selfish woman in the U.S. and loved by Oliva so much, Mamiya Yasuhiro as Iron Michael, who is the greatest champion that is said to be No.1 in the boxing history, Yamadera Koichi as a trio called “Mouth”, Lips, Teeth, and Tongue, who are fighting perfectly in tune with each other, and Ebara Masashi as Bob McCarthy, a prison officer that observes the fierce fight between Baki and Oliva up close.

A total of 12 episodes of “Baki: Son of Ogre” will be streamed worldwide exclusively on Netflix on September 30.

Original Creator: Itagaki Keisuke (Akita Shoten, Serialized in “Weekly Shonen Champion”)
Director: Hirano Toshiki
Series Composition: Urahata Tatsuhiko
Character Design: Ishikawa Shingo
Color Design: Miyawaki Hiromi
Art Director: Yoshihara Shunichiro
Director of Photography: Noguchi Tatsuo
Editing: Sano Yuriko
Music: Fujisawa Kenji
Opening Theme: “Treasure Pleasure” by GRANRODEO (Lantis)
Ending Theme: “Unchained World” by GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE (rhythm zone)
Sound Director: Urakami Yasuyuki, Urakami Keiko
Animation Production: TMS Entertainment
Production: Baki: Son of Ogre Production Committee

Hanma Baki: Shimazaki Nobunaga
Hanma Yujiro: Otsuka Akio
Biscuit Oliva: Otsuka Hochu
Jun Guevaru: Nojima Kenji
Maria: Koyama Mami
Gerry Strydum: Hashi Takaya
Ayukawa Rumina: Han Megumi
Lips, Teeth, and Tongue: Yamadera Koichi
Bob McCarthy: Ebara Masashi
Narration: Furuya Toru

(C)Itagaki Keisuke (Akita Shoten) / Baki: Son of Ogre Production Committee