From the TV anime “Lupin the Third Part 6”, 2nd cour has been announced for January 2022 with the latest key visual.

Under the theme of “mystery”, the series composition of “Lupin the Third Part 6” is handled by Okura Takahiro. He is a deduction novel author and many of his works have been made into TV anime series or tokusatsu films. He himself also works with scripts of anime and Tokusatsu films from time to time. In the scripts of the omnibus episodes, special guests that dominate the novel and anime industry, including Tsuji Masaki, Ashibe Taku, Higuchi Akio, Minato Kanae, and Oshii Mamoru, were involved, making this work perfect for the anniversary.

2nd cour is scheduled to be broadcast on the Nippon TV franchised channels from January 2022.
The keyword for the 2nd cour is <Women>. Devilish women appear in front of Lupin one after another. Their secrets and falsehoods eventually lead to a certain mystery about the gentleman burglar, Arsène Lupin…… A new story, which is different from mystery, combining suspense and colorful omnibus episodes, will unfold.
The key visual for the 2nd cour has also been unveiled, depicting <Women>, who hold the key to this story behind Lupin.

The 1st cour of “Lupin the Third Part 6″ is currently on air on Nippon TV franchised channels. The 2nd cour will be broadcast from January 2022.

■”Lupin the Third Part 6” 2nd Cour

Lupin III: Kurita Kanichi
Jigen Daisuke: Otsuka Akio
Ishikawa Goemon: Namikawa Daisuke
Mine Fujiko: Sawashiro Miyuki
Inspector Zenigata: Yamadera Koichi

Original Creator: Monkey Punch
Director: Suganuma Eiji
Series Composition: Murakoshi Shigeru
Character Design: Marufuji Hirotaka
Art Director: Kashiwamura Sayaka, Sato Masaru, Matsumiya Yumi, Ogura Hiromasa, Nishizawa Wataru, Tram Anh Nguyen
Color Design: Miyawaki Hiromi
Director of Photography: Sasaki Akemi
Editing: Yoshitake Masato
Sound Director: Shimizu Youji
Sound Effects: Kurahashi Hiromune
Music: Ohno Yuji
Main Theme Song: “THEME FROM LUPIN III 2021”
Composition: Ohno Yuji
Arrangement: Ohno Yuji
Musical Performance: Yuji Ohno & Lupintic Six with Friends
Animation Production: TMS Entertainment
Production: Lupin the Third Part 6 Production Committee

(C)Original: Monkey Punch (C)TMS, NTV