The voice actors Kamiya Hiroshi and Ono Daisuke will be appearing as guests on the anime “Bono Bono” for 4 consecutive weeks, which will be broadcast on September 25, October 2, October 9, and October 16. Prior to the broadcast, the comments from both of them have been released.

“Bono Bono” focuses on the child of a sea otter, called “Bono Bono” as he is curious about the weird and mysterious things, and it depicts the soothing and cute characters showing as well as feeling the true meaning of living in a relaxed manner.

Kamiya and Ono is singing the theme song of “Bono Bono” since January 2021 under the air band “MASOCHISTIC BONO BAND” from the radio “Kamiya Hiroshi & Ono Daisuke no Dear Girl ~Stories~”

It was announced that Ono is the voice of the Tosa “Daisu”, who is aiming to become stronger by defeating a strong person while Kamiya is the voice of “Rosshi”, who wishes to become an underling of a strong fellow so that he can be bossy toward the weak.
Due to certain circumstances, Daisu issue a challenge to Bono Bono as he misunderstood that he is the strongest in the forest. However, after interacting with Bono Bono, who was unable to comprehend the situation, in the usual relaxed manner, Daisu and Rosshi started to change slowly…

Kamiya and Ono will appear as guests on the episodes that will be broadcast on September 25, October 2, October 9, and October 16, from 5:22 AM to 5:30 AM, on Fuji TV.

<Below are the full comments>

Kamiya Hiroshi

It would make me happy if you enjoy the story despite I am going to appear for 4 episodes only. However, if there is strong support for it, the chance for the re-appearance is not slim, so please do look forward to it.


It’s great that you have a job thanks to our rock band activities. So you should be thankful to us! ROCK!

Ono Daisuke

I would appreciate it if you can continue supporting the world of “Bono Bono” to those who are supporting it as well as those who are going to support it from now on. There is also a chance that we will appear again, and well it seems like we are a bit connected to the theme song, but this entertainment had left a deep impression in me that it can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of age and gender. As it can be watched in a relaxed manner, I do hope you can be healed by “Bono Bono” in the morning.


Hey, you guys, it seems that you are doing the voice acting. I heard it was quite good. Well, our song is the best though. So, let push “Bono Bono” to the stardom together. Thank you!

(C) Igarashi Mikio/ Take Shobo, Fuji TV, Eiken