August 2021 is about to end after Olympic games. Beach, vacation, summer festival, etc… We believe there are many people who could not enjoy this summer enough. So, why don’t we enjoy “summer” again with horror movies?
Dubbed versions of horror movies often have famous voice actors. If there were voice actors, who play your favorite characters with handsome voice, in the movie, you may enjoy horror movies, even if you are afraid of them.
This article introduces the wonderful horror movies together with voice actor information. Let’s enjoy them with dubbed version♪

■”IT Chapter Two” “You’ll float, too.”

【Released in 2019. Director: Andy Muschietti】
This is an American movie based on the novel by Steven King, who is known as “King of Horror”. The previous movie “IT Chapter One” was called horror version of “Stand by Me” and recorded the highest box-office revenue in horror movie genre. The previous movie depicted the childhood of the protagonists, and this movie depicts the grown-up protagonists.

The appealing point of this movie is the impact given by “IT”‘s characters. The identity of “Pennywise” is a crown, and he approaches with creepiness. Also, there are surprising factors are hidden in multiple scenes in the movie, in which you feel something “coming”, and the movie is popular for being like an attraction in the amusement park.

The casts for dubbed movie is Hosoya Yoshimasa (Rhiner Brown from “Attack on Titan”), Takagaki Ayahi (Yukine Chris from “Symphogear”), Ono Daisuke (Sebastian Michaelis from “Black Butler”), Kamiya Hiroshi (Livi from “Attack on Titan”), Suwabe Junichi (Victor Nikiforov from “Yuri!!! on ICE”), Miyake Kenta (All Might from “My Hero Academia”), Hirakawa Daisuke (Kakyouin Noriaki from “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders”) and other casts.
Note: The characters listed above are only one role chosen from their careers.

Kidnapping in a small rural town consecutively. Losers Club members, who survived the fear of “it”, decide to go back to their hometown, where they left, to fulfil the “promise” that they made 27 years ago, but… “It” changes its form in various ways and gradually approaches them! Why do children disappear in the town? What is “it”, and what is its goal?

IT Chapter Two (C) 2019 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All rights reserved.

■”Don’t Breath”

【Released in 2016. Director Fede Alvarez】
It is a shocking thriller born in the United States. It became popular through rating on SNS and became a long-supported movie also in Japan. The voice actor Nakata Jouji once posted his review on SNS after watching the movie.

A delinquent girl Rocky, who keeps breaking into homes for robbery, one day sneaks into a mansion of a wealthy old man. The old man corners Rocky and her friends with outstanding hearing ability, although he is blind. The old man is hiding “abnormal identity”. The movie is filled with tension as if we were watching the characters playing tag at the risk of their life, and the audience will definitely be drawn into the movie that they “don’t breath” while watching.

Rocky is played by Mizuki Nana, who plays Hanasaki Tsubomi from “Heart Catch Pretty Cure!” and Hyuuga Hinata from “NARUTO”. Moreover, the cast members include Kaji Yuuki, who plays Todoroki Shouto from “My Hero Academia” and Elen Yeager from “Attack on Titan”, and Eguchi Takuya, who plays Rokuya Nagi from “Idolish Seven” and Hikigaya Hachiman from “My Romantic Comedy is Wrong As I Expected”.

A teenager Rocky, who is living with parents with no ability to earn money, is seeking for money to run away with her little sister. One day, she hears a rumor of “a blind man who is hiding money” from her lover Money and decides to rob the old man with her friend Alex.
The 3 children first thought that it is easy to steal money from the old man, but whom they meet is the old man with “supernatural” level of capturing noise.
He finds them wherever they hide, from bedroom, kitchen, attic, closet to bathroom, with surprising speed!?

(C)2016 Blind Man Productions, LLC. All Rights Reserved.


【Released in 2019. Director: Ari Aster】
It is the collaboration movie of the Untied States and Sweden, which is directed by Ari Ster, who is known for the horror movie “Hereditary”. It is an unprecedented “festival thriller”, in which a group of university students one day visit a village with cultic religion and being cornered mentally.

Although this movie does not contain a ghost or a serial killer, but you will feel “madness” of the residents. The residents wear white clothing and are so friendly as they are filled with honesty. However, their festival is so abnormal, including weird dinner. It may be traumatic for some people. On the other hand, the beautiful design that recreated the paradise, is the point to see.

The actor for the dubbed version is Inoue Marina (the protagonist Danny) and Maeno Tomoaki (her lover Christian). Inoue-san has played Armin Arlert from “Attack on Titan” and Kagamihara Sakura from “Yuru Camp △“. Maeno-san has played White Cell from “Cells at Work!” and Yamanbakiri Kunihiro from “Touken Ranbu -ONLINE-“.

A female university student Danny is mentally ill after losing her family with accident. She visits “a festival held once in 90 years” with the invitation from her lover, Christian.
The group of visitors are charmed by the scenery, as it is a paradise filled with a glass land surrounded by forest, beautiful flowers in bloom, and with suns always in place due to white night. However, as soon as the “ritual” of the village religion begins, they are haunted by “nightmare” filled with anxiety and fear.

(C)2019 A24 FILMS LLC. All Rights Reserved.

■”Doctor Sleep”

【Released in 2019. Directed by Mike Flanagan】     
“Shining” is the monumental modern horror work produced in 1980, which is well-known for a man sticking out his smile from a small space. This movie is the sequel to it and depicts the story 40 years after the previous movie. “Shining”, which is directed by Stanley Kubrick, changed the original novel written by Steven King, but the new movie follows the original work.
Director Flanagan is the self-claimed fan of King and he combines “King novel” and “Movie version of Kubrick”, while having respect to both works. While it contains some horror factors, it keeps the movie exciting with battle action scenes with supernatural powers.

The protagonist Danny is played by Morikawa Toshiyuki, who has dubbed the roles played by multiple Hollywood stars including Tom Cruise, Keanu Reeves, Brad Pitt, and Jude Law. The opponent Rose is played by Minagawa Junko, who has played Echizen Ryouma from “Prince of Tennis”.

Danny has a traumatic memory that he was close to be killed by his father at the massacre occurred 40 years ago. From his experience, he lives lonely even after growing up. He then learns that murder limited to children continues to occurred around him.
One day, he receives a message from a mysterious girl, Abura. She tells that she owns “the special ability (shining)” and has witnessed the scene of murder.
Danny and Abura together research the mystery, and then arrives at the hotel, in which the massacre occurred 40 years ago took place.

Doctor Sleep (c) 2019 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All rights reserved.


【Released in 2004. James Wan】
It is a psycho-horror movie in the United States, which was successful with low production cost.
A surgeon Gordon, and a man Adam are trapped by serial killer “Jig Saw” and depicts their ultimate decisions and distress.
Although it contains grotesque and mentally-ill scenes, but contains “mystery solving”, which draws audience into the movie through story plot. It will keep bringing you anxiety and surprise till the last, but please check out the “shock” at the end.

Ootsuka Hochu plays Gordon, and Adam is played by Hirota Hiroaki. Ootsuka-san has played Satou from “Ajin” and First Liutenant Tsurumi from “Golden Kamui” and Hirata-san has played Sanji from “ONE PIECE” and Kaburagi T Kotetsu from “TIGGER & BUNNY”.

Two men Gordon and Adam wake up in a rundown bathroom. Their ankles are chained, and 2 dead bodies after suicide are located in front of them.
They begin to research the room by using the items as clues, but the message they find is “You either kill your partner within 6 hours, or both of you will die”…
Who is doing this for what purpose? The outstanding ending awaits you!