‘Anime Times’, an anime channel dedicated to the masterpieces of Kodansha, Shueisha, and Shogakukan starts its service on Amazon Prime Video on August 19, 2021. A promotional video with Kamiya Hiroshi, a voice actor who serves as the lead narrator for this channel, has been released.

‘Anime Times’ is an anime channel, managed by The Anime Times Company, which consists of 14 companies including Avex Pictures, KODANSHA, SHUEISHA, SHOGAKUKAN. With the tagline “All the latest works and classics of Kodansha, Shueisha, Shogakukan are gathered here! Anytime with Anime”, the new channel on Amazon Prime Video provides a wide range of anime works from popular titles, classic masterpieces, movie adaptations, TV series, and OVA.

This time, voice actor Hiroshi Kamiya was announced to serve as the lead narrator for the channel, and a promotional video was also released. Not only the narration for the moving logo of this channel, Kamiya in the video also introduces anime categories such as “courage, romance, youth, comedy, supernatural power, and bond” one after another.
While Kamiya introduces all the categories, the video also shows characters from 33 anime titles including the characters played by Kamiya: Levi from ‘Attack on Titan’, Yato from ‘Noragami’, and Penguin from ‘Shirokuma Cafe’.

Anime channel ‘Anime Times’ is available on ‘Amazon Prime Video’. Monthly subscription is priced at 437 JPY (tax-included) and only available for Amazon Prime members. Visit ‘Anime Times’ official website for more details.