Voice actor Nakamura Yuichi, known for his role as Gojou Satoru in “Jujutsu Kaisen,” will be making a guest appearance in the June episode of the TV anime “Bonobono” for four consecutive weeks. He will be playing two guest characters, “Deppu-san” and “Tensuke-san”.

“Bonobono” is a TV anime that depicts the heartwarming daily life of Bonobono, a child sea otter with great curiosity and imagination, his friend Shimarisu-kun (Chipmunk), who is always with Bonobono, and Araiguma-kun (Raccoon), who is a bully but really has a kind heart, and sometimes teaches the truth of life. It has been on air since April 2016, and just celebrated its 5th anniversary this spring.

Nakamura-san will be playing two guest characters, “Deppu-san” and “Tensuke-san”.
“Deppu-san” has a slightly rounded appearance, while “Tensuke-san” is slim and sharp-eyed, with one ear that looks as if it has been torn off. The two characters are quite different in appearance, but how will Nakamura play them differently?

Nakamura Yuichi will make a guest appearance in “Bonobono” on June 5, 12, 19, and 26, for a total of four episodes. We hope you look forward to watching it on air.

Kaida Takahito (Producer, Aiken)]
We wanted Nakamura Yuichi to appear as a forest companion in the world of “Bonobono”, and since we had a guest character that matched his image, we asked him to appear in this episode. The two characters are completely different from each other: the plump and knowledgeable Deppu-san, who is an original character from the anime, and the playful Tensuke-san, who is from the original story, so I hope you will watch the show to see how Nakamura Yuichi will play them both.

(C) Igarashi Mikio / Takeshobo, Fuji Television Network, Aiken