It was announced that the TV anime “World’s End Harem” will start in October 2021. At the same time, the key visual depicting the charming beauties, and the PV, where you could hear the voice of the main characters, and the opening theme “JUST DO IT” by H-el-ical//, have been released.

“World’s End Harem” is based on a manga by LINK and Shono Kotaro that is serialized on “Shounen Jump+”. This near-future erotic suspense story takes place on Earth, where 99.99% of the male are dead due to a certain virus. The main protagonist, Reito is one of the “Numbers”, who possessed resistance against the virus, and he was requested to “mate” with the leftover female to ensure the survival of humanity. However, he will be involved in the world’s conspiracy that revolves around the “Numbers”.

Together with the broadcast announcement in October 2021, the key visual depicting the charming beauties, such as Mira, Neneko, and Karen, encircling Reito has been released.

In the main PV, characters voices and the opening theme “JUST DO IT” by H-el-ical// could be heard. It was also announced that the ending theme will be “ENDiNG MiRAGE” by EXiNA, and the comments of H-el-ical// and EXiNA have been released.

TV anime “World’s End Harem” will start in October 2021, on TOKYO MX, BS Fuji, and AT-X.

【Opening Theme Song Performers, H-el-ical//】

The feeling that I got while reading the original work is that I had to surpass myself even when the situation has become dire, and search for those who are trying to move forward.

I had chosen the words for the lyric while taking the importance of the messages and the world setting that can be felt from this work, and the scenes of the work.
I’m excited as I hope you can enjoy the anime together with this song…!

【Ending Theme Song Performers, EXiNA】

I’m happy that I was able to handle the ending theme song of the TV anime “World’s End Harem”. I am pursuing to create a song that will immerse you in the afterglow of the stimulating story of the anime, and the result of that is my first romance song. I had written it with the theme of “unrequited love”, such as the foolishness of pursuing the unrequited love. Please also check out the singing voice that is filled with sadness and hopeless bitterness.
As this has also become my favourite song, I am looking forward to the anime broadcast. Please check it out.

(C) LINK, Shono Kotaro/ Shueisha, World’s End Harem Production Committee