It has been announced that the TV anime “My Senpai is Annoying” will start broadcasting at 1:00 AM, on October 10. The latest PV and theme song information have been revealed.

“My Senpai is Annoying” is based on the daily romance comedy work by Shiromanta that is currently serialized on “comic POOL” (Ichijinsha). This popular work has the most likes (episode 1 = 415k likes) in 2017, at Twitter Manga and has taken first place in “Next Manga Award 2018 Web Manga Category”, and the manga volume has more than 1 million copies in circulation.

The first episode is scheduled to be broadcast at 1:00 AM, on October 10, on TOKYO MX and BS11. It is also scheduled to be broadcast on Tochigi TV, Hokkaido TV, Animax, TV-V Fukushima, and the streaming on ABEMA will be at the same time as the TV broadcast. The information for each streaming website will be announced sequentially.

The latest PV depicts the lively, interesting, yet a bit sad daily life of the main characters, including Igarashi Futaba and Takeda Harumi. The regular “Kakure Manta (Lit. Hidden Manta)” of this work is hidden somewhere in the trailer, so do try and look for it.

For the theme song, the opening theme song, titled “Annoying! San San Week!” is sung by Igarashi Futaba (voiced by Kusunoki Tomori), Sakurai Touko(voiced by Hayami Saori), Kurobe Manami (voiced by Aoyama Reina), and Tsukishiro Mona (voiced by Koga Aoi) while the ending song, titled “Niji ga Kakaru Made no Hanashi (Lit. Until the Rainbow Appear)” is sung by Horie Yui. A portion of the song can be heard in the PV. The comments from the singers have been released, and it will surely hype you up toward the broadcast.

<Below are the full Comments>

TV Anime “My Senpai is Annoying” Opening Theme “Annoying! San San Week!”
Igarashi Futaba (voiced by Kusunoki Tomori), Sakurai Touko (voiced by Hayami Saori), Kurobe Manami (voiced by Aoyama Reina), and Tsukishiro Mona (voiced by Koga Aoi)
Written/ Composed by: Junky
Release Date: October 27, 2021 (Wednesday)

【Igarashi Futaba】
I’m Igarashi Futaba, who will be handling the opening theme song of TV Anime “My Senpai is Annoying”.
I was quite surprised when I received the offer as this song is going to be used at the start anime, but I had tried my best in singing it!

【Sakurai Touko】
I believe this is a wonderful song where you can enjoy the singing voice of the energetic, cute Futaba-chan, and the cool Manami-chan. I was quite surprised that Mona-chan is singing it properly as well (haha).
As this song contains some catchy phrases that you will hum it involuntarily, I hope that you can listen to it over and over again.

【Kurobe Manami】
I had sung it together with everyone.
I believe this is a good song to hear when running.
By hearing Futaba’s singing voice, it will somehow make you feel energized.

【Tsukishiro Mona】
This song will somehow give off a stimulation that will make warm up your body. It gives off a powerful impression, but there are also some delicate portions as well.
There are some people who enjoyed a cold day, but I think I enjoyed it regardless of the temperature.

TV Anime “My Senpai is Annoying” Ending Theme “Niji ga Kakaru Made no Hanashi”
Written by: Kanamaru Yoshifumi
Composed/ Arrangement by: Nakano Ryota
Release Date: October 16, 2021 (Saturday)

【Horie Yui, Singer of Ending Theme】
When I received the offers to be involved in the ending theme song and other situations, I’m always writing songs while taking it as much as possible of the world setting and atmosphere of the work!
As I had felt the fresh atmosphere and frustration from this work, I had created it while being aware of the slightly fantastic daily life!
I hope you can look forward to the song together with the anime.

(C) Shiromanta, Ichijinsha/ My Senpai is Annoying Production Committee