The 1st key visual and PV from the latest “card battle x animation” TV anime “Build Divide: Code Black” that intertwined with the trading card game (hereafter, known as TCG) have been released. The information of the opening and ending theme has been announced as well.

This is the first original anime of Aniplex with the “TCG” theme, and the original creators are Kawamoto Homura and Muno Hikaru, who handled “Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler”.
The story takes place in the city, Shin-Kyoto, which is governed by the “King” and all superiority or inferiority is decided by the strength of the “TCG” and depicts the efforts of the young boy Kurabe Teruto, who swore to defeat the king due to a certain reason, in the TCG battle called “Rebuild” while being guided by the mysterious young girl Banka Sakura.
The 1st season is scheduled to be broadcast in October 2021 while the 2nd season is scheduled in 2022.

Prior to the broadcast, the special program “Build Divide -#Live- (Code Black)” was broadcast and the 1st key visual and PV along with the information of the opening and ending theme have been announced within the broadcast.
The main visual has a stylish visual with the players standing in the front with their ace behind them.

Also, the opening theme, “BANG!!!” by EGOIST while “Fukiagykuteki na Inochi no Shouzou” by Memai Siren, which was used in the 1st PV, will be used as the ending theme. The comments from the artists have been released.

TV anime “Build Divide: Code Black” will start in October 2021, on TOKYO MX and other channels.

Comments from the theme song’s artists

Opening Theme, “BANG!!!” by EGOIST

Good Afternoon (Good Evening), I’m chelly, the vocalist of EGOIST.
It was decided that EGOIST will handle the opening theme song of Build Divide.
I am still unable to give detailed information, but the song’s name is “BANG!!!”.
I will be singing the song while being inspired by the self-encouragement of the main protagonist in the world settings that had directly reflect his feelings to be stronger and more honest.
I believe the hard sound is also linked to the world of the lyrics.
Please look forward to it.

Ending Theme, “Fukiagykuteki na Inochi no Shouzou” by Memai Siren

Hello, we are Memai Siren, who will be handling the ending theme song.
We are honored to be able to participate in this wonderful work as we are living quietly at the corner of Fukuoka.
We have written the song sincerely, so that it is able to help color up work even by a bit.
The ending song “Fukiagykuteki na Inochi no Shouzou” will focus on the common perception of the masses, common knowledge, etc. as it expressed the confrontation between the main protagonists, who are fighting for their dreams, with the King that is governing the world.
We hope you would watch the anime till the end.

TV Anime Information
1st season broadcast start in October 2021

【Broadcast Station Information】
TOKYO MX/ Gunma TV/ Tochigi TV/ BS11/ Mainichi Broadcasting/ Chukyo TV Broadcasting/ Sapporo TV/ Fukuoka Broadcasting/ Miyagi TV/ RCC Broadcasting/ Shizuoka Telecasting/ RSK Sanyo Broadcasting/ TV Niigata

Broadcast Information
1st Season: From October 2021
2nd Season: From April 2022

Cast Members Information
Teruhito Kurabe: Uemura Yuto
Banka Sakura: Watabe Sayumi
Tori Hiyori: Koga Aoi
Kikka: Serizawa Yu
Enjou Naomitsu: Tamaru Atsushi

Staff Information
Original Creator: Kawamoto Homura, Muno Hikaru (Representative Work: Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler)
Director: Komada Yuki
Series Composition: Tomita Yuriko
Character Design: Tomooka Shinpei
Music: Inai Keiji, Higashiohji Kenta
Sound Director: Iwanami Yoshikazu
Production: Liden Films

Opening Theme
Label: SACRA Music

Ending Theme
“Fukiagykuteki na Inochi no Shouzou” by Memai Siren
Written by: Kyoudera
Composed by: Oosawa Rei, Memai Siren
Arranged by: Memai Siren
Label: Mastersix Foundation

(C)build-divide project