The TV anime “Platinum End” is finally hitting the halfway point towards the conclusion of the story in March 2022. The cast includes Tsuchida Hiroshi, who voiced the Front Man (In-ho) in “Squid Game”, and Ishikawa Yui, known for her role in “Violet Evergarden”.

“Platinum End” is a TV anime based on a manga by Ohba Tsugumi and Obata Ken, the powerful team who created “DEATH NOTE” and “Bakuman”. The story is about life and death and begins when a boy, Kakehashi Mirai, who lost his family in an accident and has been living a difficult life with relatives, is given “hope for life” by an angel on the day he throws himself from the top of a building.

The character Hoshi Masaya makes his first appearance in the anime and is played by Tsuchida Hiroshi, known for dubbing for Lee Byung-hun as the Front Man (In-ho) in “Squid Game” and Lightning McQueen in “Cars”. The role of Yumiki Manami will be played by Ishikawa Yui, known for Mikasa Ackermann in “Attack on Titan” and Violet Evergarden in “Violet Evergarden”. The two cast members have also sent their comments.

In the scene cut that has been revealed, we can see Hoshi Masaya and Yumiki Manami looking at something with sharp eyes. The details of the characters will be revealed on air, and we can’t wait to see how the story will go with them.

The 1st series of the TV anime “Platinum End” which is currently being broadcast ended at episode 14, and the 2nd series will start from episode 15.

[Tsuchida Hiroshi as Hoshi Masaya]

This role always gives me a feeling of standing up straight, even in front of the microphone, which reminds me that my hair and glasses have become similar to his recently, I guess…
I’m going to change my silliness that exudes from me into intelligence, and do my best to bring you a sharp Hoshi Masaya.

[Ishikawa Yui as Yumiki Manami]

Although the story is a fantasy, there are many realistic descriptions that make us think that it might be really happening somewhere, and I read the original story with excitement, but also with the feeling that I was always being asked something.
I play Yumiki, a detective in the Metropolitan Police Department. Please look forward to seeing how the newly-arrived Hoshi and Yumiki will interact with the God Candidates in the future!

(C)Ohba Tsugumi, Obata Takeshi/Shueisha, Platinum End Production Committee