The TV anime “Orient” is scheduled to be broadcast in 2022. The main cast members Uchida Yuuma, who will be playing the protagonist Musashi, and Saitou Souma, who will be playing Musashi’s best friend Kanemaki Kojirou, and the staff have been announced. Also, the teaser visual has been revealed, along with comments and an illustration from the author Ootaka Shinobu, and comments from the main cast members and staff, to commemorate the anime adaptation.

“Orient” is a Sengoku period battle fantasy, which is based on a manga serialized in “Bessatsu Shonen Magazine”, by Ootaka Shinobu, who is well known for “Magi” and “Sumomomo Momomo”.
150 years have passed since the “Demon Gods” suddenly appeared in Sengoku period Japan and seized control. The “Bushidans” are the only ones fighting against their control. The story unfolds as two aspiring Bushis, Musashi and Kojirou, vow to form the “strongest Bushidan” and fight against the demons.

The main cast members that were announced are Uchida, who will be playing Musashi, the protagonist that isn’t good at expressing his feelings but hasn’t given up on his vow with his best friend Kojirou of forming the “strongest Bushidan”, and Saitou, who will be playing Musashi’s somewhat philosophical and cold-hearted best friend Kanemaki Kojirou, the son of a Bushi who is hated in the town.

The staff who will be working under director Yanagisawa Tetsuya from “Zutto Mae Kara Suki Deshita” are A・C・G・T for animation production, Kunisawa Mariko from “The Case Files of Jeweler Richard” as story editor, and Kishida Takahiro from “Puella Magi Madoka Magica” and “Haikyuu!!” as character designer.

The teaser visual shows Musashi bravely holding his sword and Kojiro pulling his sword out of its sheath with the wilderness in the back, where a Japanese-style castle flies amidst the blue sky, and a motorcycle-like vehicle is parked. Musashi’s sword is on fire and Kojirou’s sword has a blue glow to it. It raises the expectation for the classic battle action of the two who fight against the demons and aim to form the “strongest Bushidan”.

The TV anime “Orient” is scheduled to be broadcast in 2022. An RT campaign is held by the official Twitter account in which you can win an original illustration of Musashi and Kojirou drawn by the author Ootaka to celebrate the anime adaptation.

【Uchida Yuuma】

I’m Uchida Yuuma, and I will be voicing Musashi in Orient.

In a world where Bushi are said to be evil, Musashi fights with a passion to become a Bushi that he has admired since childhood! Although he is a bit out of touch, Musashi has a stronger heart than anyone else! His straightforward words give us strength. Please enjoy the way of life of the Bushi and the exciting Sengoku battle fantasy in animation! Thank you for your support!

【Saitou Souma】

I’m Saitou Souma, and I will be voicing Kanemaki Kojirou. When I read the original manga for the audition, I was so absorbed in it that I read it through to the end without stopping. Kojiro seems to be coolheaded but also acts his age, which makes him a fascinating character. I’ll enjoy both the exciting battle scenes and the humorous everyday scenes to their full extent, so please give me your support! I can’t wait for the post-recording sessions!

【Author: Ootaka Shinobu】

The staff members are doing their best to create the anime adaption of “Orient”. As the author of the original manga, I look forward to seeing how the characters move around with new life blown into them. I hope that everyone supporting the work will look forward to the show. I’ll also work harder than ever on the original manga! Thank you for your support!

【Director: Yanagisawa Tetsuya】

I’ve read many shonen mangas since my childhood and learned a lot from them. I like the strong protagonists and was encouraged by how they keep their faith and overcome all kinds of challenges. I also like the weak protagonist. People that stand again after being scared and defeated always grow. Tragic stories are good too, tears are an important step to move forward. Sometimes they fight with their friends and other times they laugh together… I just love manga. Orient has it all. I always dreamed of creating such an anime like this.

【Story Editor: Kunisawa Mariko】

The more I read it, I feel that the world of “Orient” depicts the society we live in. We as the staff along with the director are doing our best to convey the fun and charm of the story. Please look forward to the anime “Orient”. Thank you for your support.

(C) Ootaka Shinobu, Kodansha / “Orient” Production Committee