The TV anime for the manga “Orient” by Ootaka Shinobu and currently serialized on “Weekly Shounen Magazine” has been announced. The TV anime announcement CM is available on YouTube “Magazine Channel”.

“Orient” is a manga by Ootaka Shinobu, known for “Magi” and others. The story takes place during the Sengoku period (Warring States period) where the demon is the hegemony. It depicts the battle of two boys to take back the human’s land.

Together with the TV anime announcement, the CM was released on YouTube “Magazine Channel”.

Also, on the last panel of chapter 113, published on “Weekly Shounen Magazine” Issue 6, it was announced that title will be moved to “Bessatsu Shounen Magazine”. With the unique volume of a monthly magazine, the story will surely increase by one-fold.

Details regarding the TV anime “Orient” will be announced in the future. So, please look forward to it.