The broadcast date of the TV anime “Revenger” is slated for January 2023. The character PV of the beautiful androgynous boy Nio, who has both the angelic innocent side and merciless side with no moral value, from this work has been released. The comments from the voice actress Kanemoto Hisako have also been revealed.

“Revenger” is a dark hero action anime featuring the 5 assassins and is an original anime by Nitroplus and Shochiku. After being betrayed by his trusted person and losing a place to return to, the master swordsman Kurima Raizo was taken in by the assassins “Revenger” that delivers revenge on behalf of those powerless people, and this marks the start of the story.

This time, the 4th character PV, featuring Nio, has been released. Nio, voiced by Kanemoto Hisako, is a member of “Revenger” and he uses the kite spring smeared with the glass splinter to catch his prey.
He looks like an androgynous young boy with an angelic and adorable appearance, but despite the appearance, he has no moral value at all, and won’t hesitate to kill people in a merciless manner. He normally behaved younger than his age, but he is actually quite calculative and deceives others with his cunning and naive side.

Among the unique members of “Revengers”, Nio is quite an outstanding unique character.
The scene of him saying “You would have to catch Nio if you want to play with him” in the bewitching voice unlike his young appearance, and the scene of him enjoying strangling his opponent with his weapon, the kite spring smeared with the glass splinter, can be seen in the PV.

The comments from the voice actress Kanemoto Hisako toward the deep character setting are “He is the youngest among the members and is quite childish and innocent. His innocent side can also be seen when he is working as Revenger. Because of that I am able to imagine the overall detail of the human called as Nio.”
Toward the scene when he shows the appropriate expression of his age when walking together with Raizo, Kanemoto mentioned “The various expressions are so cute! I believe that Nio will brighten up the anxious scenes as he can’t read the atmosphere!?”, which shows that he is the healing character of this work.

TV anime “Revenger” will start broadcasting from January 2023. Do look out for the future announcements.

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