It was decided that the TV anime “Love after World Domination” will be broadcast in 2022. At the same time, it was also announced that Kobayashi Yuusuke as the voice of Aikawa Fudou, Hasegawa Ikumi as the voice of Magahara Desumi, and Tachiki Fumihiko as the narrator along with their comments and a teaser PV.

“Love after World Domination” is a “Sentai Love Comedy” based on the manga by Noda Hiroshi (original creator) and Wakamatsu Takahiro (manga artist) that is currently serialized on “Monthly Shounen Magazine”.
The story depicts the secret relationship between Aikawa Fudou, the leader of the Hero Sentai “Gelato 5” that is aiming for world peace, and Magahara Desumi, a minion leader of the secret organization “Gecko” that is aiming for world domination, as they go out with each other while being rival.

The cast members that were announced are Kobayashi as the voice of Aikawa Fudou, a high school student that likes body building and whose true identity is the leader of “Hyouketsu Sentai Gelato 5” Red Gelato, Hasegawa as the voice of Magahara Desumi, a high school girl that loves cute stuff and a member of the secret organization “Gecko” with her title as Queen of Death. Tachiki will be narrator for this work.

The teaser PV depicts scenes from the main story, and this will surely hype you up on how the anime will depict the forbidden romance between Fudou and Desumi.

TV anime “Love after World Domination” will be broadcast in 2022. To commemorate the announcement on the cast members, a follow & retweet campaign is being held on Twitter, where one lucky winner will be presented with a signed board with the signature of Kobayashi, Hasegawa and Tachiki, so do check it out if you are a fan.

Kobayashi Yuusuke

The “Red” position of a sentai is something that I adored, so I am quite happy that I’ve gotten this role! Red has a hot-blooded impression, but he is a bit off as he puts all his passion toward his muscle and Desumi (haha). So, I want to make him a cute boy due to that personality!

Hasegawa Ikumi

I fell for this work when I read the original work for the first time! And when I’ve gotten the role of Desumi, it made me quite happy as I wanted to appear in this work. My priority is to bring out the cuteness of Desumi, so I will do my best to throb Fudou as well as the audiences!
Please do look forward to the clumsy romance development of the two♪

Tachiki Fumihiko

It has been a while since I voiced such a unique character? But I’m still happy since it is quite new to me. This is a mysterious and interesting work, as it is filled with the unseen humor and originality as well as the funny moment, so even I am looking forward to it every week. As the narrator of this story, I will do my best in describing and instigating every single moment of Fudou and Magahara with my voice as well as showing off some actions as this is part of this role. Do look forward to the broadcast of this anime that is filled with laughter and entertainment.

(C) Noda Hiroshi, Wakamatsu Takahiro, Kodansha/ KoiSeka Production Committee