The 3rd Season of the “Baki” anime series, “Hanma Baki” has been decided to be produced as a Netflix original anime series. A teaser was released along with the announcement.

The “Baki” series is originally a fighting manga serialized in “Weekly Shonen Champion” from Akita Shoten.
It depicts the fierce battles between the various martial artists centering around the protagonist, Hanma Baki, the youngest champion of the underground arena, and his father, Hanma Yuujirou, who is called the “Strongest Creature on Earth”.

The anime “Hanma Baki” is the sequel of the “Great Chinese Challenge Saga”, and will be the 3rd season of the series.
The climax of the “Greatest Father-Son Fight” finally comes to life as an anime.

Streaming/broadcast dates are yet to be announced. Let’s look forward to further information.

(C)Itagaki Keisuke (Akita Shoten) / Baki Production Committee