“SAY YOU TO YOASOBI Friday 【Seki Tomokazu x Hatanaka Tasuku】#17”, the program hosted by the voice actors Seki Tomokazu and Hatanaka Tasuku, was broadcast on August 13, 2021 at “Anime LIVE Channel” in the new futuristic TV “ABEMA”.

This episode was the final day of “Yukata WEEK”, where all MCs wore Yukata as their outfits, and the MCs held Hatanaka’s birthday SP in a Yukata. To receive the flowing somen (nagashi soumen) as an award, Hatanaka participated in “Hatanaka Tasuku Birthday SP! Super-long Flowing Somen Challenge” and other programs, including pie throwing as a surprise.

This episode contained the birthday programs for Hatanaka Tasuku, who became 27 on August 17. In the previous episode (#16), Hatanaka said, “I want to try the super-long flowing somen” and “Hatanaka Tasuku Birthday SP! Super-long Flowing Somen Challenge” was held in response.

The equipment was over 50m long, and Hatanaka seemed to be excited saying, “Thank you so much!” and “Wow, the staff are serious!”. However, there were obstacles in the course and Hatanaka could eat somen if he cleared all the challenges. Moreover, if he failed to clear the course, he must eat several wasabi (Japanese horseradish) creampuff.

Hatanaka, who was penalized every time he failed, said, “That wasabi cracks a punch,” “This thing is really powerful,” and “That hurt!” as he kept trying while fainting in agony. However, he continued to try as hard are he could on the “Super-long ‘long chopstick’ challenge (delivering a ping pong ball with a meter-long chopstick) and “Super-long “breath’ challenge” (keeping a tissue in the air by blowing) to “not to give up” on the flowing somen.

In the last obstacle called “Super-long ‘Pantyhose’ Challenge”, Seki and Hatanaka competed in “Pantyhose Sumo”. They wore pantyhose on their heads and pulled each other by tying them together, with the winning player being the one who could keep his pantyhose on their head. Hatanaka revealed “this is the first time I have tried this in my life”, but Seki showed composure because “I have experience doing this several times” and continued to tell tips regarding the pantyhose wearing method by saying, “there are tips to it” and “you should pull the upper part if possible”. Hatanaka seemed to surprise at Seki, who performed funny faces in front of the camera without hesitation, as “wow, he is a pantyhose professional”.

Seki won 3 games in a row. Hatanaka cried, “Seki-san, you are too strong!” and Seki smiled, “you have to be stronger than me”. Hatanaka somehow won the last competition with a handicap being added for Seki, who kept beating Hatanaka.

The audience sent comments to the MCs, who created a variety show with their comical pantyhose faces, “My stomach hurt ww” “Seki-san is so strong and it’s incredibly funny”. Hatanaka finally received the flowing somen and enjoyed the prize “wow it’s tasty” and “I love this!”.

At the end of the show, Hatanaka experienced pie throwing, which was one of his “what-to-do during your 20’s”. Hatanaka was surprised that “It wasn’t on my script!” and Seki threw a pie into his face without hesitation. In response, Hatanaka commented, “it’s good” and “this is fun”. While his face was being covered with pies, Hatanaka ended the show with his comments, “I want to live strong even if I became 27” and “I wanted to do this all the time, thanks a lot!”.

On the episode scheduled on August 20, which is part of “Special Guest Week”, Matsumoto Rika will participate as a guest. Both MC’s seem to be excited to see how “YOASOBI” will change with the guest.

“SAY YOU TO YOASOBI Friday 【Seki Tomokazu x Hatanaka Tasuku】#17” is exclusively available at “ABEMA Video” for ABEMA Premium members only. The special videos, including unrevealed conversations after the show, will be available on “SAY YOU TO YOASOBI Premium Friday 【Seki Tomokazu x Hatanaka Tasuku】#17” through “ABEMA Premium”, so fans should check this out as well.

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Broadcast on Friday, August 13, 2021
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