The official report of the variety program “Say You to Yoasobi Thursday ‘Namikawa Kaito X Ishikawa Kaito’ #17” (Broadcast on August 12) has been released. This is the fourth day of the “Yukata Week” broadcast, where the MCs appeared in yukata, and they had hyped it up with the escape the summer heat project.

The project “Show off your handsome side in the yukata! Summer Festival Arc!” is a corner where Namikawa and Ishikawa showed off their handsome side while challenging the summer festival’s games. If they managed to clear the game, the handsome frame decorated with roses will appear on the screen, while a plain non-handsome frame will appear if they failed.

First, in the shooting game, Ishikawa showed off their confidence with “I had appeared in an FPS game tournament before!”. After he managed to hit the target in one shot, the brilliant handsome frame appeared on the screen along with the signature phrases of “I will shoot through your heart as well”.

After that, Namikawa challenged the “Coin Dropping Game”, where they had to have to drop the coin in the plate that was immersed in the water tank. He failed during the first challenge, but managed to succeed in the second. Along with the bad pun of “I had fallen in love (In Japanese, coin and love had similar reading)” while winking, it had caused everyone in the studio to remain silent. Then, he immediately retorted toward himself with “What did I say? Did I failed this bad?” has invited laughter.

Then, Ishikawa also challenged the “Coin Dropping Game”. After various failures, he managed to show off his ability by succeeding in the end. However, as this is an unfavorable result of a variety program, Ishikawa said “I dropped it recklessly with the thought of failing…” with a wry smile.
Namikawa also retorted with “It seems that you fail in the flow”, but it seems that he had gotten the non-handsome frame as well. In the end, he showed off a weird face and hurting himself with “I not fit for variety”, which caused the studio to be filled with laughter.

During the broadcast on August 19, the Youtuber Natsume Sanchi are invited as a guest. Also, the broadcast of “Say You to Yoasobi WEEKEND ‘Morikubo Showtaro X Nakamura Shuugo’ #6” on August 15 had invited Koyama Tsuyoshi and Yonaga Tsubasa as the guests.

“Anime LIVE Channel”/ “Say You to Yoasobi Thursday ‘Namikawa Kaito X Ishikawa Kaito’ #17”
Broadcast on August 12, 2021 (Thursday)
Performers: Namikawa Daisuke, Ishikawa Kaito
※Only available at “ABEMA Premium”