The anime “WORLD TRIGGER” will release the second volume of the “Retopopu Series”, items featuring cute, retro-pop designs. Pre-order is now available at “Karutassu Online Shop” and “Animega×Sofmap.”

“WORLD TRIGGER” is a Sci-Fi action series written by Ashihara Daisuke and serialized in “Weekly Shonen Jump” and “Jump SQ.”
The story is about Mikumo Osamu, a member of a border defense organization called the “Border,” which is organized to counter the invasion of the “Neighbors,” who possess unknown powers. He meets Kuga Yuma, a mysterious boy from the “Neighborhood,” and struggles with other boys from the Border while encouraging each other.

“WORLD TRIGGER: Retopopu Vol. 2” features “Tamakoma First,” “Ninomiya Squad,” “Ikoma Squad,” and “Nasu Squad.”
The lineup includes Kizaki Reiji, Karasuma Kyosuke, Ninomiya Masataka, Inukai Sumiharu, Tsuji Shinnosuke, Hiyami Aki, Ikoma Tatsuhito, Mizukami Satoshi, Oki Koji, Minamisawa Kai, Hosoi Maori, Nasu Rei, Kumagai Yuko, Hiura Akane, and Shiki Sayoko.
The series continues to include the popular items from Vol.1 such as the “Heart Tin Badge” and “Acrylic Stands”, and a “Glitter Sticker” will also be presented for those who made pre-orders.

“WORLD TRIGGER: Retopopu Vol. 2” is now accepting pre-orders at “Karutassu Online Shop” and “Animega×Sofmap” until June 9. The products will be released in late August. One “glitter sticker” will be presented for every 2,200 yen (including tax). For more information including prices, visit the product page.

(C) Ashihara Daisuke/ Shueisha・TV Asahi・Toei Animation