From the TV anime “Blue Period”, the 2nd key visual designed in collaboration with the artist Yamaguchi Meguru, was released. Moreover, additional character visuals and cast were also announced, with comments from each additional cast also being received.

“Blue Period” is the sporty art story manga by Yamaguchi Tsubasa, which is currently serialized in “Monthly Afternoon”. Yaguchi Yatora, a high school student who has excellent grades and is at the top of the school caste but feels empty and frustrated, one day meets the shocking artwork in the art room and begins to devote himself to the world of art. His final goal is now the most difficult art university, and he dedicates his youth with a passion.

The 2nd key visual released is a collaboration of the animation studio Seven Arcs and the artist Yamaguchi Meguru. It is done in a luxurious design, with dynamically moving Yatora and others with Yamaguchi’s design.

Moreover, the visual and the cast of the additional characters have been revealed all at once. The art club captain Mori Maru (Senior Maru), who makes Yatora devoted to art is played by Aoyagi Mayu. The full name, “Mori Maru”, for “Senior Maru” was revealed for the first time.

Additionally, Hirano Fumi for the art teacher Saeki Masako, Fukushini Katsuya for Yatora’s bad friend Junta, Kamio Shinichirou for Koigakubo, Tachibana Ryuumaru for Utashima, Hiratsuka Miku for the art club member Umino, Hasegawa Ikumi for Shirai, Nemoto Yuuna for Shirota, and Koga Aoi for Yamamoto. The voice actors of the supporting cast are also worth watching.

TV anime “Blue Period” will be broadcast from October 2021.

【Mori Maru: Aoyagi Mayu】
It’s a blessing to keep doing what you love.
However, it is painful to do something without limit, especially because you love it. Senior Mori is a strong person who can accept the pain that comes from love.
After the participation was decided, I struggled to play Senior Mori. Because I want her to be loved, and it is my favorite work… I often think, “what would Senior Mori do if she is in the same situation?”, even in my ordinary life, Senior Mori is always with me.
I am thankful of Maru-chan so much.
I want to thank “Blue Period” from the bottom of my heart.

【Saeki Masako: Hirano Fumi】

She is a wonderful teacher. She seems to understand life already, and if you are praised by Ms. Saeki, your hidden ability will bloom instantly. I did my best to make “Yaguchi-san” feel envious that she was able to meet such an unusual teacher at the most important time of her adolescence.
Yamaguchi Tsubasa-sensei was always with us even from the first recording, and I quickly became a fan! She is a wonderful sensei!

【Junta: Fukunishi Katsuya】

For Junta, Koi-chan, Utashima, who are not deeply involved in art, it must be difficult to offer a solution to Yataro’s problems with his paintings.

Nevertheless, they will side with Yatora in any way they can.
Junta is more stable and kind being among the other two.
She is like me; in the way she lives her own pace.
If you would feel that “I want a friend like her”, then it will be the biggest pleasure for us.

【Koigakubo: Kamio Shinichirou】
My name is Kamio Shinichirou, and I will be playing Koigakubo. Koi-chan, Utashima, and Junta are good friends.
I played the role with the hope that it would become a comfortable place for Hachitora, exuding the atmosphere of the past and everyday life at all times.
Due to their relationship, they go drink tea and have stupid conversations.
The recording session was so fun because the background was always active.
I want many people to watch because it is such a wonderful work! Hooray Blue Period! Please look forward to the broadcast!

【Umino: Hiratsuka Miku】

I have already read the original manga of “Blue Period”, so I was happy when my role was decided to be Umino! Umino seems unfriendly and scary, but she has a strong belief, and she can perform it. Also, she is a hard-working girl who studies her fault and strives to make it better. I want the audience to feel her passion as much as possible.

【Shirai: Hasegawa Ikumi】

After reading the original story, and during the first recording session, when Yamaguchi-sensei carefully told me about Shirai’s personality, her position in the art club, and the type of otaku she was, my first thought was, “That’s me!”. I could not only relate to her; I was happy to feel like I was back when I was the student in her.
Also simply as the fan, I look forward to see Blue Period with color, sound, and movement.
I will try to make myself as part of the world.

【Shirota: Nemoto Yuuna】

I already knew about “Blue Period” before this job, so I was so happy to receive the role of Shirota! Yatora, working hard for his favorite thing but sometimes feeling anxious, overlaps with me…( It might be incorrect…)
Shirota is a secret otaku but see is small and a relaxed girl so I was not sure how to perform her, but I think I enjoyed playing Shirota because the recording session was so much fun.
I hope many people will watch the anime because it is the complete work of a wonderful cast and staff!
Please look forward to it!

【Yamamoto: Koga Aoi】
My name is Koga Aoi, and I will be playing Yamamoto.
Yamamoto is the senior of the art club; she is cute and friendly.
Please also enjoy the interaction between the unique art club members.
What would you do if you find something that you want to devote yourself?
Please put yourself into the world of Blue Period!

© Yamaguchi Tsubasa, Kodansha/Blue Period Production Committee