The special program, titled “#Achikochi no Suzu-san ~Oshietekudasai Anata no Sensou~ (#Suzu-san Here and There ~Please Tell Us your War~)” that was derived from the movie “In This Corner of the World” (Broadcast on August 12, 2021), has featured Non (the voice of the main protagonist Suzu), Ono Daisuke (the voice of Suzu’s classmate Mizuhara Tetsu), Omi Minori (the voice of Suzu’s step older sister Keiko) as the narrator.

“#Achikochi no Suzu-san ~Oshietekudasai Anata no Sensou~” is a special program of “#Achikochi no Suzu-san” project that searches for people that are similar to the main protagonist of “In This Corner of the World”, Suzu, who is trying their best to live during the war.
The theme for the year is “The life hacks that helped to survive the difficult times”. The episodes of the “Nationwide ‘Suzu-san'” of the regular people that were provided from the audiences were made into an anime with the narration done by Non, Ono Daisuke, and Omi Minori.

Also, Nagahama Neru, an entertainer born in Nagasaki Prefecture, was invited to the studio and have an in-depth talk regarding the anime adaptation. The “two-way studio viewing” that is for high school students and university students was also held.

“#Achikochi no Suzu-san ~Oshietekudasai Anata no Sensou~” was broadcast from 7:30 PM to 8:42 PM, on August 12, on NHK General.


I had participated in the recital of “Achikochi no Suzu-san” this year as well.
Whenever I receive the offer for this, it makes me realize how “In This Corner of the World” is a story of various people. The warming stories that were provided by the nationwide Suzu-san allow me to feel the situation at that time. Not only can I feel the fear in the war, but I can also feel the happy and interesting events that happened in the background as well, which makes me think that there is something important in it despite it being unrelated to me. It makes me realize once again how happy it is that “Achikochi no Suzu-san” is still ongoing.

Ono Daisuke

I was quite close to my grandparents. I would usually spend my time at my grandparents’ house from my mother side because my parents were busy working as my house is a furniture shop.
However, I never once heard about the story during the war from them. I believe they didn’t told me on purpose. I wish I had heard more about the time when my grandparents were still alive. I would like to know what their thoughts, feelings, and their memories. Thus, I did this wholeheartedly while thinking about my grandparent.

Omi Minori

Whenever I heard these insignificant daily stories, it makes me realize that there are numerous stories about people who were spending their daily life just like us in the unimaginable war period. Recently, our daily life is being restricted due to the spread of the coronavirus, but I believe that we will be given courage by the knowledge and insignificant happiness and joy from those that survived that extreme period. Also, in order to not forget about that period that was experience by the “Achikochi no Suzu-san”, I will read out the stories from the Suzu-chan carefully.

Nagahama Neru

I feel relaxed to be able to participate in this program as I received peace education since I was young due to being born in Nagasaki Prefecture. It would make me happy if everyone could think again on what we should do now after receiving and being connected to the information.