“Survival at Deep Sea!” was revealed as the part of the movie festival “Toei Manga Festival” on August 13, 2021. A section of the main movie was revealed this time. It had impressive appearance of a giant squid and a sperm whale.

“Survival at Deep Sea!” is a theatrical anime based on the educational manga series called “Scientific Manga Survival”. The adventurous story became popular for picking up scientific themes, including creatures, nature, human body, natural disasters, environmental problems, AI, and space, and has marked the total sale over 11 million copies.
This is the 2nd movie adaption after “Human Body Survival!”. The stage is changed from the inside of human body to deep sea, and the survival master Geo and his friends will overcome approaching challenges.

The main movie released this time was the scene of Geo and his mates conducting a research at deep sea with a submarine “Ammonite”. While they are going underwater at a depth of a few thousand meters, the submarine “Ammonite” breaks down after being hit by methane gas and they are disconnected from Kei, who is above water directing the researchers.
Geo finds a mysterious shadow when he goes outside the submarine to fix the machine. He then spots a large giant squid when he spots light from a submarine.

The researcher Professor Kon cannot hide surprise for its size. In contrast, Pipi is hungry even though they are in a great trouble, “wow, it looks tasty~”. What then appears next is the sperm whale, which is larger than the giant squid.
The whale seems to eat the squid. Could Geo and others on the submarine “Ammonite” can go back above water from deep sea safely?

“Survival at Deep Sea!”
Release date: Friday, August 13, 2021

Original Work: “Scientific Manga Survival” Series (Published from Asahi Shinbun)
Director: Iriyoshi Satoru
Script: Murayama Isao
Music: Yoshikawa Kei
Directed by: JAMSTEC (Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology)
Production Studio: Toei Animation, Gallop
Cast Information: Matsuda Satsumi, Han Megumi, Ishida Akira, Yamaguchi Kappei, Iwasaki Hiroshi, Touchi Hiroki/Izawa Takushi
Theme Song: “Itsudatte Survival!”/Oohara Yuko with Geo and Pipi (Matsuda Satsumi and HBan Megumi)
Music Written and Composed by: Oohara Yuiko
Edited by: manzo (TOHO animation RECORDS)

(C)Gomdori co., Han Hyun-Dong/Mirae N/Jeong Jun-Gyu/Ludens Media /Published from Asahi Shimbun
© 2021 Toei Movie Festival Production Committee