An exclusive prize of the characters from the anime “Tokyo Revengers” that were sculpted into realistic figures has been released for the first time. They will be available at amusement arcades nationwide in July 2021, with the first two figures of “Hanagaki Takemichi” and “Sano Manjiro”, and the second figure of “Ryuguji Ken” in August.

In addition to expressing the individual personalities of the characters from “Tokyo Revengers” through their facial expressions and poses, this series of figures will also feature wrinkles on their clothes such as gakuran (a Japanese high school uniform for men) and T-shirts, fluttering clothes, hair styles, and the texture of their leather shoes.
Each figure is scaled to fit the character’s head and body, making them highly collectible figures that you will want to display side by side.

In addition to this figure series, “Big Size Visual Towel” and “Chibigurumi” will also be available at amusement arcades nationwide.
For more information, please visit the special website.

(C) Wakui Ken, Kodansha / Anime “Tokyo Revengers” Production Committee (R) KODANSHA